Saturday, December 9, 2023
Saturday, December 9, 2023
Saturday, December 9, 2023

Inmates quarantined at Delaware County jail after first prison coronavirus outbreak




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Inmates are being rounded up by prison guards in dinky face masks and decade-old protective gear to be quarantined after the world’s first reported coronavirus prison outbreak, Your Content can exclusively report. What’s more, the private prison executives won’t reveal to Your Content if quarantining the inmates entails being tossed into the hole, but prison officials declined to comment.

‘The area itself has no health department and is not under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections so the inmates’ fate could be deadly if they are unable to properly isolate or quarantine themselves,’ said a whistle blower at the private jail.

What’s more, if inmates continue spreading the virus, the region won’t have enough ambulances or hospital beds to accommodate even half of just a single jail.

‘If the internal spread doesn’t stop immediately, there will be over one thousand hospitalizations from this facility alone.’

‘I’d be screaming to let my clients out, as this could be a death sentence.’ Philadelphia defense attorney A. Charles Peruto, Jr. told Your Content. ‘However, realistically, they’re not going to empty the jails because of this. Prison visits will likely be suspended.’

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According to the insider, infected inmates will be taken to several nearby hospitals at some point. Typically, they’re transported to Riddle Hospital but that is ‘not an option whatsoever period, dot!’ said our prison insider.

‘I’d be screaming to let my clients out, as this could be a death sentence. However, realistically, they’re not going to empty the jails because of this. Prison visits will likely be suspended.’

A. Charles Peruto, Jr. | Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

‘This is nothing compared to what we have to expect — I guess we can call this a tribute of sorts,’ continued the staffer. ‘The peculiar thing is we don’t really have a medical unit fit to handle anything except Advil, etc., so it’s a matter of time before the inmates demand fair care.’

Your Content told you first … prison officials in Delaware County are scrambling to figure out a plan after nearly one dozen inmates have been quarantined inside the prison due to a coronavirus outbreak stemming from an infected prison guard on Mar. 13. The outbreak marked the world’s first reported prison coronavirus spread.

‘On March 13, we received confirmation that an employee at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility has tested positive for COVID-19,’ a statement issued by the GEO Group Inc., the private firm that operates the 1,883-inmate prison, read on Friday night. “We believe that a family member of the employee, who works in Montgomery County and who also tested positive for the coronavirus, had contact with an individual who recently traveled to China.’

The building is owned by Delaware County but managed and operated by The GEO Group, a ruthless Florida-based company that claims to specialize in privatized corrections, detention, and mental health treatment. They maintain facilities in North America, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. 

The fanatical execs behind the for-profit private prison are accused of being engaged in a sordid Nixon-style corruption operation to cover up the scope of their liability during a Christmas mass-overdose at George W. Hill Correctional Facility.

Despite the coronavirus situation and in the midst of the outbreak, GEO executives informed local media they intend to skip town on Dec. 2020, forcing county officials to make emergency arrangements with little notice.

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‘There is no freaking way in hell that the inmates would all get transported to the same hospital,’ said the source. ‘Hospitals are finding it extremely difficult to prepare for the influx of patients as is — let alone bringing in dozens, hundreds or even thousands of prisoners. That’s just asking for a catastrophe!’

If the entire prison population were to get infected, they’d likely setup additional temporary units on prison property with outside medical personnel managing the operation.

Your Content was first to report that the prison holding comedian Bill Cosby is also on red alert after a guard tested positive for the deadly disease.

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