Friday, March 31, 2023
Friday, March 31, 2023

    U.S. will enact national coronavirus curfew and restrict domestic travel: DJ Khaled

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    DJ Khaled declared Wednesday that his fans are to remain indoors to speed up the coronavirus wrath, Your Content has learned. What’s more, Khaled says the U.S. will 100% be locking down on a state-by-state basis soon, urging fans to beat them to the punch and just lay low and let the CDC handle the situation.

    “Yesterday I saw a powerful queen, a powerful mother in Jamaica and she was expressing how they have her area locked down and it really touched me,” said Khaled. ‘If we all stay at the crib – cause you know they’re gonna lock it down eventually, so I’m saying lets stay in the crib before they even tell us to lock it down so we could speed up the process of healing the world. We gotta heal the world. You gotta remember this is something that we can’t see…”

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    “You cant see this virus.. You know what I’m saying? Its different.. It’s different. We have to stay home, I have to be clear, there ain’t none of that – we’ll go on vacation later. We can go party later. All that can happen later.”

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    “Lets get over this, if you got a friend that’s talking reckless like that check em. Tell em to stay home and remember man we got mothers and fathers out there, grandparents out there, we gotta protect them, we gotta protect ourselves and we gotta protect our kids. We have to be perfect. This is the time we have to be perfect.”

    “There’s a virus out there but the world really needs to cleanse it, so all my fans, we gotta stay home because we can’t be selfish.”

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