Monday, January 30, 2023
Monday, January 30, 2023

    CORONAVIRUS CRIME SPREE? Burglars ravage Philly overnight, 3 women tied up

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    Police in Philadelphia are scrambling around after 8 back-to-back burglaries at residences in the Wissinoming section of the city, Your Content has exclusively learned.

    The crime spree comes just 24 hours after Philadelphia Police were forced to lighten up on arrests due to coronavirus.

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    Sometime after 3 a.m., police responded to reports of a burglary where they say three women were tied up and robbed at gunpoint by masked men.

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    But their nightmare worsened: the men had escaped and hit a second home just .4 miles away!

    By the time police arrived, the men were nowhere in sight. However, officers say they wouldn’t have been able to do anything except fingerprint and release the suspect … promising to come at some point after the coronavirus situation winds down to arrest them.

    “NO felony burglary arrests … NO felony stolen auto arrests … I’m retired for 7 years now, and from what I’ve been reading, officers can’t even make a ped stop anymore,” a retired member of the Philadelphia Police Department said.

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    “This is a direct result of this district attorney wanting the onus off of him. Don’t you think it’s a little convenient that this directive came out shortly after the Inquirer article about this DA hoping that the police department would refrain from making arrests during the coronavirus outbreak?”

    “Didn’t you find it a bit strange that the Mayor was pretty much the only official not present during the press conference?”

    Throughout the night… a person was assaulted with a frying pan, one man was assaulted with an umbrella, multiple car burglaries, several car thefts, over eight home invasions (burglaries), a man slashing a woman’s tires, reports of an ‘explosion’ and even an incident involving a female crook who robbed someone of their TV with mace.

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    “Bottom line, the city has piss poor leadership! The citizens of Philadelphia deserve better,” said the retired officer.

    An active members of the Philadelphia Police Department told Your Content: “Not saying it’s right or wrong, but to catch a criminal in the act, for a felony, and let them go, goes against our grain.”

    U.S. Attorney William McSwain warned criminals who view the no-arrest list as a to-do list to think twice before committing a crime during a national emergency.

    “During this rapidly evolving situation, one thing remains certain: the prosecutors and staff in my Office are on duty and stand ready to ensure that our essential law enforcement functions operate effectively.” U.S. Attorney McSwain declared.

    “We will work together with our law enforcement partners to punish and deter illegal activity, and we will do so in a manner that promotes everyone’s health and safety. This is not ‘anything goes’ time for criminals.”

    We will work together with our law enforcement partners to punish and deter illegal activity, and we will do so in a manner that promotes everyone’s health and safety. This is not ‘anything goes’ time for criminals.

    William McSwain | United States Attorney, Eastern District of Pa.

    McSwain advocated for numerous victims of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s regime.

    “We’re lucky to be in such a large city with an army of federal agencies behind the rule of law. Krasner is a character straight out of Reno 911. Anyone who’d dare burglarize Krasner’s coronavirus hideout would wind up in jail, along with the responding officers.”

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