Monday, March 20, 2023
Monday, March 20, 2023

    Florida dubbed coronavirus epicenter, expect over 1 MILLION cases within just 5 DAYS: expert

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    The deadly decision to keep Florida beaches open until the very end of spring break could ‘wipe out half of the state’s elderly population’ — according to experts evaluating the coronavirus situation. What’s more, a second wave of spring break shoobies are invading the locations and treating them as private beaches, Your Content has exclusively learned.

    “These politicians have no respect for the lives they’ve destroyed. They sat until they saw sickness up close now lawmakers know what the value of life is.”

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    Officials issued a statement closing four beaches in Pasco County on Mar. 20. The beaches closed are Anclote River Park, Robert J. Strickland Memorial Park, Robert K. Rees Memorial Park, and Sunwest Park.

    “The Governor did this to us. The money racked in since Mar. 1 should be used to make a dent in the imminent collapse of the Florida healthcare system.”

    “We haven’t seen anything yet. How could we possibly spread the disease more than we did? Beaches say ‘closed’ but they’re open and there’s zero enforcement. I took my family and left Florida a few weeks ago before spring break started.”

    What’s more, the United States Health Weather Service says there are ‘atypical illness levels detected’ in more than 75% of the state.

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    “I give it five days before we see a major spike and announce 1 million confirmed cases,” an employee at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville told Your Content. “There were no closures whatsoever until after spring break ended.”

    “The closure order isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. There are no government agencies enforcing the order at all. There aren’t nearly enough ventilators to provide for one twentieth of the elderly population in Florida.”

    The hospital staffer says Gov. DeSantis acted too late

    “The Governor and his office want to blame someone else like a chickens pecking on each other. They feed on money. It’s like he’s trying to do away with civilization. You want to blame one guy for it? Blame him!

    “In Florida there is no leadership. It’s just a bunch of unintelligent people trying to put some order in the state. The Governor did the best thing he knows how to do — nothing.”

    “In Florida there is no leadership. It’s just a bunch of unintelligent people trying to put some order in the state. The Governor did the best thing he knows how to do — nothing.”

    Surgeon | Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

    According to a source who recently resigned from the Florida State Capitol tells Your Content she heard an outraged Gov. Desantis howling at his staffers the day President Trump announced travel restrictions from Europe.

    “‘I haven’t done enough maybe I’m ashamed of that for not letting tourist enjoy Florida long enough. Maybe we should’ve shut down the city like North Korea — then they would’ve felt better!'”

    “‘You want to live? Get in line we’ll live! The borders are open! You can go, you can come! You don’t want to live? Do your thing. Give them some Truly — all women love Truly.'”

    Gov. Desantis declined to comment.

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