Saturday, February 17, 2024
Saturday, February 17, 2024
Saturday, February 17, 2024

Drunken Man Escalates Police Altercation in Delco, Flees Wearing Just 1 Handcuff in Viral Foot Chase




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» A video depicting the tail-end of an altercation between two officers from Haverford Township Police Department and a 30-year-old man.
» Preliminary news reports claim a short video captured by a passerby depicts the two officers tasing and slapping the man with a baton.
» Haverford Twp. Police Chief John Viola says body-cam footage will reveal what truly happened.
» According to Chief Viola, the 'publicly intoxicated' man was awoken from a nearby bench by police and offered a ride back to his Broomall home.
» But the man wasn't having it. Police attempted to cuff him after charging him with public intoxication, and after they successfully placed handcuffs on the man's first wrist, he fled.
» Police tased the man twice, but Chief Viola says it didn't show any effect on the macho Marple man.
» After a brief foot chase, the man was placed in custody. Medical personnel responded to the scene and he refused treatment.
» The man was not seriously injured.

Detectives are investigating an incident involving a 30-year-old Broomall man who local news outlets claim was beaten and tazed by two Haverford Township police officers – and Your Content is first to reveal what really erupted between the man and two officers.

The viral video only shows the aftermath of the incident, where an eye-witness told Philly Mag he has no idea what happened … but he knows the Broomall man got tazed and slapped with a baton.

“I was on the phone with my girlfriend, and I seen this guy walking and two officers approach him,” Barkowsky, a 33-year-old cook at a nearby restaurant told Philly Mag in an explosive interview. “I really didn’t know what was going on. But I saw them tase him. And as soon as that happened, I started recording. And I crossed through traffic to get a better look.”

Barkowsky was walking home when he noticed the tussle going down in the Kohl’s parking lot across the street.

From there, he hung up on his girlfriend and filmed the now-viral video.

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Haverford Township police chief John Viola told the local magazine that the video only shows the tail-end of the situation, noting there’s much more to the story.

“We have the full body cams video of everything that happened,” Viola told Philly Mag, adding that he cannot release those videos at this time while the Delaware County District Attorney’s office investigates the incident.

Police found Christopher Ricciuti passed out on a nearby bench.

“When we first found him, he was sleeping in the parking lot and not sure where he was,” Viola told the magazine.

When Ricciuti awoke, he was ‘publicly intoxicated.’ Officers asked if the 30-year-old wanted a ride back to his Broomall home but he wasn’t having it.

“This person wasn’t walking. He was running away with one handcuff on.”

“Originally, they were trying to give him a ride home. But he was incoherent. They decided to arrest him for public drunkenness.”

That’s when things went south, according to Chief Viola, who told Philly Mag the tough Marple man continued fleeing despite being tased … twice.

“They got one handcuff on him, and then he ran away. He had been tased twice during the course of this run, but it was having no effect. And then they finally tackled him in the driveway.”

“People are saying, ‘Oh my God! They are beating this guy!’” Viola notes. “But in the greater context, this is just the end result of trying to get him under control. All that aside, we reviewed it and turned it over to the DA’s office.”

“We had the medics there,” Viola says. “But he did not want to go to the hospital.”

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