Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

    Iranian Navy Shot and Sunk One of It’s Own Naval Ships by Mistake Sunday Evening

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    Reports of an Iranian Navy Ship shooting another Iranian Navy vessel started circulating social media Sunday evening, Your Content is first to report.

    The initial reports suggest the missile firing was a mistake, however unconfirmed reports that the mistake cost 30 to 40 lives thus far in the incident that occurred in the Persian Gulf.

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    Based on VERY early initial reports, it seems that an Iranian Navy Moudge Class frigate, fired upon an Iran Navy vessel named “Konarak” in the Jask area with a C-802 Noor anti-ship missile.

    The incident occurred as the Iranian’s conducted military exercises in the Southern region of Iran. Both vessels are Iranian destroyers and were located near the Hormoz Strait.

    Image seen above is an Iranian Moudge Class frigate.

    This wouldn’t be the first time Iran has mistakenly pulled the trigger too early, during escalations with the U.S. they unintentionally shot down a Ukrainian airplane killing 176 on board.

    Iranian media states that at least 40 are missing with 23+ confirmed dead, there is no word from the Iranian STATE run media which is run by the Islamic Regime. 18 of the deceased are Revolutionary Guard officers.

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    Reports from Iran say the Commander of Konarak Navy vessel is among those killed.
    Iran’s regular forces (Artesh) has not issued a statement yet.

    This is a developing breaking news story. It will be updated momentarily.

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