Monday, September 21, 2020
Monday, September 21, 2020

Crazed Man Shot After Lunging at Off-Duty Philly Cop with Scissors: ‘Thank God He Was There’

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A crazed Philadelphia man is in the hospital after being shot in an attempt to stab an off-duty police officer with a pair of scissors, Your Content has learned.

Police tell Your Content at 5:45 p.m. on May 9, off-duty Philadelphia Police Officer Jason Santiago was in plain clothes visiting a friend.

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While inside the home, Santiago heard the sound of breaking glass originating from outside the property.

Santiago then observed a man — later identified as — Frederick Middleton, 57, knocking over recyclable trash bins and throwing trash and glass bottles in the front doorway of residences.

“Thank God he was there or that could have been my son fighting with him,” said a concerned neighbor on the 2500 block of S. 7th Street. “We don’t have a gun to shoot. The cop deserves a medal if you ask me.”

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The neighbor spoke under the condition of anonymity to avoid potential retaliation.

Santiago, standing in the front doorway of his friend’s house, instructed the man to stop throwing trash to the ground.

That’s when things worsened … Middleton with the scissors in his right hand, plunged towards and swung at the officer twice.

Police tell Your Content the officer drew his privately-owned 9mm semi-automatic firearm and discharged four rounds, striking the male three times — once in the left arm, abdomen, and groin area.

The man was transported to Jefferson Hospital and is expected to survive.

Police say the scissors were recovered at the scene.

There were no injuries to the officer or to any uninvolved citizens.

Frederick Middleton is charged with Simple Assault, Recklessly Endangering Another Person and Possession an Instrument of Crime 

“As is the case with on-duty police-involved discharges, this off-duty officer discharge will be investigated by our Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations Unit, as well as our Internal Affairs Division in a bifurcated manner,” stated Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, adding, “We are committed to conducting a thorough, objective, and transparent investigation, while upholding the tenets of due process for all involved.

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