Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023

Delco Times Reporter Matt Smith Calls All Trump and Police Supporters Racist Bigots in a Cult




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Anyone who supports President Donald Trump or law enforcement is a racist bigot with no compassion belonging to a cult spearheaded by someone who ‘doesn’t give a sh*t’ about them, according to a Delaware County Daily Times reporter.

The sports columnist – Matt Smith – went on a social media rampage Saturday night, stooping as low as calling locals ‘white trash’ for their lawn arrangements.

“The white trashiest people in Delco, with toys stewm all over their front lawn, are also the ones with Trump flags,” wrote Smith.

“These people are proudly announcing the following about themselves:

  • They are filled with HATE; they are bigots and racists
  • They don’t believe in facts or logic or science
  • They are members of a CULT and are too dumb to see that Trump doesn’t guve a sh&t about them

“That or blue lives flags,” added a man by the name of ‘Ed.’

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“Yes,” Smith quickly replied – asserting supporters of law enforcement also fall under those despicable categories.

Screenshots of the hateful tweets surfaced on Facebook Saturday night by local watchdog Anthony Stefos — bringing the shocking posts to the attention of over 3,000 locals that immediately jumped into action.

“Attention Delaware County Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Nurses, First Responders, People who have American Flags or Thin Blue Line flags on their front lawn, and people who love America,” wrote Stefos

“This is a collection of tweets from Matt Smith, a sports writer with the Delaware County Daily Times. He made these comments today on his Twitter, sharing his hate for those who have different beliefs than him; those who disagree with him. Yes, this man represents the Delaware County Daily Times” 

“Matt Smith is your high school sports writer. The man who covers the games that your children participate in. The same man who thinks those children are the ‘white trashiest people in Delco’ because they are playing with their toys on the front lawn.”

The reporter goes on to slam Sean Hannity and Alex Jones.

“These are the people who call the coronavirus a hoax, who pose as nurses during a rally, who demand their ‘freedom’ during a pandemic because they need a haircut, who LAUGH at the science data and facts, who watch Hannity on FOX News and that asshole InfoWars guy.”

“These are the people who don’t wear masks like their Dear Cult Leader Trump… because the mask messes up his fake tan and makes him look weak.”

“These are the people who are good with spreading the virus to YOU, your children, your friends.”

“These people just don’t care.”

“This tweet is in very poor taste,” wrote John Williams of Delaware County.

“Not sure if you’re drinking but calling people white trash and racists because they have toys on their front lawn?”

“You have completely gone off the rails in recent months with your Trump hate. I hope your boss doesn’t read these tweets.”

The reporter goes on to scold the reader: “Deal with it. Don’t follow. I don’t care. None of what I had to say is false. And if you are offended, I’m not sorry.”

John adds: “You cover the entire Delco area for sports. Calling a portion of the area white trash is pretty disrespectful. I know we’re all struggling right now but let’s try and keep it together.”

That’s when Smith lost his cool, shaming the person for supporting his archenemy.

“Yes. Anyone who supports Trump is trash, plain and simple.”

“Anyone who can support a narcissistic racist grifter with no compassion or empathy is trash. That’s it.”

“And shame on you for supporting such a vile person.”

From there, Smith made his account private and deleted several tweets.

He ultimately de-privatized his account just before midnight Saturday.

“Bye Bye Delco Times,” said local Christina Villare-Talbot. “Never will I read this paper again.”

Karen Stewart of Ridley Township says she ‘could not believe’ what she read, noting the writer should be disciplined.

“I could not believe I was actually reading these words yesterday,” said Stewart.

“If I was the Daily Times I’d fire him immediately! Way out of line no matter what your political views are … disgrace.”

A business owner in Drexel Hill notes he intends to cut relations with the paper.

“Over the years I have spent a lot of money advertising with the daily times,” said Kevin Farrell, noting he falls in the ‘white trash’ category created by Smith.

“NOT ANYMORE!” declared Farrell.

This post was updated May 24, 2020 at 5:38 p.m. to include Anthony Stefos’ Facebook post and additional comments from locals, business owners and law enforcement.

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