Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023

    Biden Calls on Immediate Arrests of ALL Cops Involved in Murder of George Floyd

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    FORMER Vice President Joe Biden called on all officials to arrest all police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd Friday morning, Your Content is first to reveal.

    “Enough.” Biden wrote.

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    “This is not abstract: a black reporter was arrested while doing his job this morning, while the white police officer who killed George Floyd remains free. I am glad swift action was taken, but this, to me, says everything.”

    As Your Content readers know, CNN journalist Omar Jimenez has been taken into police custody during a live broadcast at the site of the protests in Minneapolis.

    “I will be speaking more about the events in Minnesota later today.”

    Biden added: “I will not lift the President’s tweet. I will not give him that amplification. But he is calling for violence against American citizens during a moment of pain for so many. I’m furious, and you should be too.”

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    The protests in Minneapolis raged on Thursday night for a third night in a row as Floyd’s death continued to shock the world.

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