Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023

    Cops FLEE from Minneapolis Police Department as Fire RAVAGES Building Amid George Floyd Riots

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    FOOTAGE of police officers fleeing the scene of a massive fire at the Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct reveals the terrifying conditions for both officers and members of the public, video obtained by Your Content reveals.

    The video was taken by witness Sophia Narwitz.

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    “Police flee. Chaos utter chaos. Terrifying moment, thought I’d be hit,” said Narwitz.

    As Your Content readers know, someone fired shots near the Colorado State Capitol Thursday afternoon while a protest for justice for George Floyd, who died while in the custody of Minnesota police this week, was ongoing on the Capitol’s front steps, police and a lawmaker said.

    “Watching police retreat and abandon what is essentially their home to allow it to burn is unprecedented,” said Shimon Prokupecz. “The police have lost all control of Minneapolis. What happens tomorrow?”

    Floyd’s death while in police custody has set off two straight days of protests and rioting in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. On Thursday, Minnesota’s governor called in the National Guard to help stem the rioting from happening again.

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    “A great point from Paul Blume [of] FOX9 right now… the optics of this full fire station nearby. Sits full. No movement,” said Seth Kaplan.

    “We are here with the Minneapolis Fire Department ready to assist so they can safely do their mission,” the Minnesota National Guard said.

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