Monday, October 18, 2021
Monday, October 18, 2021

    Rioters Breach Delco, Begin Looting 69th Street in Upper Darby: Massive Police Response, Avoid Area

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    RIOTERS are destroying at least two stores on 69th Street in Upper Darby, Your Content has learned.

    Several stores have been breached … law enforcement sources tell Your Content they’re waiting for additional units. There are currently SWAT vehicles securing the border into west Philly.

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    Residents are urged to avoid the area and stay home. As Your Content readers know, there is a mandatory curfew effective 8 p.m. tonight.


    UPDATE – 7:15P: Reports of a breach at Wells Fargo. Several townships sending additional units to assist UDPD.

    Police are requesting countywide backup.

    UPDATE – 7:16P: Officer confirms there is a breach at the back door of the bank. Rioters have made entry.

    Officers are responding to back him up.

    UPDATE – 7:19P: Family Dollar & Save-a-Lot have been breached by rioters.

    Rioters are coming from Philadelphia, police report.

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    UPDATE – 7:19P: Police are searching the bank. It appears the rioters might’ve left.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 7:21P: Police report an officer involved car accident at the intersection of Lansdowne and Madison. Officer appears to be alright.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 7:22P: Wells Fargo is clear of people, but the ‘building in completely breached.’

    The ATM machines in the rear have also been destroyed. ‘

    UPDATE – 7:24P: Reports of an attempted armed robbery. Location not immediately clear, details to follow. The business is called China House.

    Police are responding. It’s reported at the Chine House as ‘someone with a gun or burglary in progress.

    UPDATE – 7:25P: Police are on scene.

    Units are there.

    UPDATE – 7:27P: Nothing is showing at the burglary, police confirm.

    They ask other units to use caution as the scene appears secure.

    UPDATE – 7:28P: ‘There’s no gun involved’ the officer confirms, but there was an incident with a rioter.

    It’s an unarmed rioter.

    UPDATE – 7:29P: Police say people are looting stores on Chestnut Street in Upper Darby.

    They’re sending more units as rioters break through the rear entrances.

    UPDATE – 7:35P: Cars are clear of the accident

    All is good.

    UPDATE – 7:38P: Reported disorderly group on the 300 block of Wildwood Avenue in Lansdowne.

    Police are searching the area.

    UPDATE – 7:42P: City Line Avenue has been breached. Reports of over 20 stores full of looters.

    Police are trying to contain the situation.

    UPDATE – 7:45P: Police are in the area of the Upper Darby Township Building. There are reports of groups with a few stragglers, but ‘there’s nothing going on.’

    Police are trying to contain the situation.

    UPDATE – 7:45P: Reports of a burglary at a gas station on State and West Chester Pike.

    Police responding.

    UPDATE – 7:48P: Police request Marple, Haverford, Newtown, Radnor, and all other available townships to send officers to the area of State and West Chester Pike.

    Countywide alert for police.

    UPDATE – 7:49P: Police reporting a group behind McDonalds, about ten of them and 8 officers.

    They’re outnumbered.

    UPDATE – 7:50P: Foot Locker has been breached. Also an Upper Darby pharmacy is being looted.

    Many rioters.

    UPDATE – 7:52P: Police heading to Cobbs Creek and Marshall Road for reports of a group surfacing.

    They’re responding now.

    UPDATE – 7:53P: Upper Darby Pharmacy on Long Lane has been breached.

    Police responding to 119 Long Lane.

    UPDATE – 7:54P: Massive police response to the pharmacy, countywide response prompted.

    Police responding.

    UPDATE – 7:55P: Police confirm Long Lane Pharmacy has been breached, several units are responding.

    Countywide alert issued.

    UPDATE – 7:56P: Police confirm Long Lane Pharmacy has been breached, several units are responding.

    Countywide alert issued.

    UPDATE – 7:57P: Pennsylvania State Police Tactical Units are in Upper Darby. Police confirm two people are inside of the pharmacy. The building is surrounded.

    Countywide alert issued.

    UPDATE – 7:58P: Rioter left his child in a Cadillac while he was looting stores, he tells police after he’s busted. Police just found it, they’re going to save the child.

    The father is terrible.

    UPDATE – 8:00P: Curfew is in effect in Upper Darby. All individuals outside will be arrested.

    Curfew is in effect.

    UPDATE – 8:04P: Police report they don’t have the manpower to go to additional neighborhoods, additional units are responding from throughout the county and nearby regions.

    Backup is coming.

    UPDATE – 8:05P: Delaware County 911 has sent an army of officers to back them up as rioters continue coming in.

    Officials call for more units.

    UPDATE – 8:08P: Police capture and arrest several rioters.

    Delaware County will arrest rioters.

    UPDATE – 8:11P: Rioters wearing masks are headed towards Springfield Mall. They are currently passing Outback Steakhouse. They have hoodies and backpacks.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 8:12P: They are in the rear alley of Outback towards the mall. Police are nearby.

    They’re almost there.

    UPDATE – 8:12P: Foot Locker has been looted again.

    They’re almost there.

    UPDATE – 8:13P: Police see five males heading to the mall. They don’t have enough units yet.

    There are rioters in multiple townships, including Springfield.

    * National Alert: UPDATE – 8:16P: President Trump was briefly taken into an underground bunker as protesters gather outside the White House.

    There are rioters in multiple townships, including Springfield.

    UPDATE – 8:19P: Police are pursuing a black Dodge Charger driving on the wrong side of the road. It was last seen on Market Street in Upper Darby.

    The driver is going to get caught.

    UPDATE – 8:20P: Police are pursuing a black Dodge Charger driving on the wrong side of the road. It was last seen on Market Street in Upper Darby.

    The driver is going to get caught.

    UPDATE – 8:24P: The alarm at Walmart is going off. Police from Marple Township and Springfield are responding.

    The Walmart is closed.

    UPDATE – 8:26P: Communications appear to have switched. Police are on location at Walmart.

    The Walmart is closed.

    UPDATE – 8:27P: Parkside Police respond to reports of 60 individuals looting 7-Eleven.

    Rioters are in Parkside.

    UPDATE – 8:28P: Drunken man is trying to stop vehicles from entering the county.

    Police will get to him soon.

    UPDATE – 8:29P: Countywide police response to all of the entrances to Delaware County, including highways. They are to be closed to non-residents.

    Police will get to him soon.

    UPDATE – 8:30P: Wells Fargo is being breached by rioters.

    It is nearby Baltimore Pike in Media.

    UPDATE – 8:33P: Police are requesting backup in Upper Darby.

    Walnut and Glencoe for reports of rioters vandalizing cars.

    UPDATE – 8:34P: Reports of a breach at Target.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 8:35P: People are still at the Wawa after gaining entry again. Police say 7-Eleven is completely breached.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 8:35P: The incident at Walnut and Glencoe is unfounded.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 8:36P: BestBuy has been breached. Police arrive at Wawa.

    Rioters are slowly surfacing.

    UPDATE – 8:37P: BestBuy has been breached. Police arrive at Wawa.

    Rioters are slowly surfacing.

    UPDATE – 8:42P: BestBuy in Springfield has been reportedly vandalized. Wawa somewhere in Upper Darby has been breached, but no rioters are there now.

    They left the scene

    UPDATE – 8:48P: Vehicle attempted to breach police at Cobbs and Marshall. They’ve been detained.

    Don’t try to drive through the police border.

    UPDATE – 8:50P: There an officer injured nearby the command center. Officials are seeking medical attention on site.

    The command center is in Upper Darby.

    UPDATE – 8:56P: Police appear to be setting up details throughout sections of the county.

    Police are preparing to zero in on any rioters.

    UPDATE – 9:01P: Police have set up a large command center on 69th Street.

    Command center set.

    UPDATE – 9:02P: Police are reporting a crowd of about 30 people in Springfield, on the 500 block of Vernon Rd.

    Cops are coming.

    UPDATE – 9:04P: ‘For the safety of your community,’ Doordash and UberEats suspend all services.

    Cops are coming.

    UPDATE – 9:05P: Police appear to have control of all sections of Delaware County with lone rioters walking around.

    Rioters are surfacing but quickly getting caught.

    UPDATE – 9:09P: T-Mobile on MacDade Blvd. appears to have an alarm going off. Police responding.

    The front door was opened.

    UPDATE – 9:10P: Police and K9 Units arrive at T-Mobile.

    They were there in under a minute.

    UPDATE – 9:12P: T-Mobile is secure.

    All is good.

    UPDATE – 9:18P: Large fire reported at a 3-story building on 60th and Market Street, nearby 69th Street-Millbourne Border.

    Police say rioters are in large groups in the area of 60th and Market, setting fire to a nearby 3-story building.

    UPDATE – 9:22P: 1100 block of Cobbs Creek for reports of a shooting. A man in his 30s has been shot in the hand.

    He’s been shot.

    UPDATE – 9:23P: The 1100 block of Cobbs Creek shooting was accidental, according to the victim.

    He’s been shot by accident.

    UPDATE – 9:25P: Police report a car on fire on the 700 block of Long Lane. Police say the vehicle is a van with the bumper on fire.

    Not good.

    UPDATE – 9:30P: Police say they can put the fire out with an extinguisher, asking nearby officers to bring one.

    All is good.

    UPDATE – 9:49P: Explosion heard. Police investigating. Came from Philadelphia at the Walnut Street police gateway.

    All is good.

    UPDATE – 9:50P: A person is trying to get into Delaware County. It appears authorities literally set up a wall. The people were told ‘negative.’ They have to go to Baltimore Pike’s gateway.

    The wall is here.

    UPDATE – 9:51P: Explosion appears to have surfaced somewhere on the 2700 block of N. 8th Street, about 8 miles from the area.

    No explosion here.

    UPDATE – 9:52P: Alarm activated at Bywood Elementary School, possible rioters.

    No explosion here.

    UPDATE – 9:52P: Police are looking for a 1999 Hyundai Elantra with a US Marines bumper sticker.

    No explosion here.

    UPDATE – 9:54P: Media are trying to get into Delaware County. They are trying to figure out if they’re allowed in at a time like this.

    They’ll know soon.

    UPDATE – 9:55P: Media are trying to get into Delaware County. Police are going figure out if they’re allowed in at a time like this.

    They’ll know soon.

    UPDATE – 9:56P: Rioters are headed towards Marshall and Cobbs Creek as they scream slurs at cops. They are trying to get into the county, but the wall is there.

    The county is SHUT DOWN.

    UPDATE – 9:59P: Bywood Elementary School is secure.

    No damage or rioters.

    UPDATE – 10P: Fire alarm is going off on the 2900 block of Griffith Way.

    Police are responding

    UPDATE – 10:05P: Wine & Spirits has been breached by rioters. They are inside the building stealing liquor.

    Police are responding

    UPDATE – 10:10P: Multiple county authorities are on scene, it appears Criminal Investigation Division has also joined forces to end the riots. The scene has now been cleared by county police.

    It’s clear.

    UPDATE – 10:12P: A hit-and-run was reported in Marple Township. The striking vehicle, a black pickup truck, fled towards 291. Police believe the driver is going towards the airport.

    Police are looking for the fleeing truck.

    UPDATE – 10:13P: Upper Darby Police Supervisor hears gunshots in the area of Long Lane. Police are investigating. The original call came in from Long Lane and Marshall Road.

    Police are looking for the fleeing truck.

    UPDATE – 10:15P: 1999 Hyundai Elantra was stolen out of Glenolden. The vehicle has a Marine Corps. bumper sticker.

    It’s a stolen vehicle.

    UPDATE – 10:16P: The gunshots ‘sound like they’re getting closer.’ Police say they’re coming from area of 63rd and Market, nearing in on one of the police command centers.

    There’s a massive police command center located nearby.

    UPDATE – 10:17P: Wine & Spirits in Upper Darby appears to be completely looted.

    The rioters made off with a lot of merchandise.

    UPDATE – 10:19P: Reports of rioters breaking into Long Lane Pizza in Upper Darby.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 10:20P: Reports of one in custody at Long Lane Pizza.

    One rioter has been caught it appears.

    UPDATE – 10:33P: Reports of one of a man at gunpoint in Collingale on the tracks. The train is coming but it’s been asked to stop.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 10:41P: Police in Delaware County have created a very large police presence deterring many rioters from attempting to gain entry. There are several walls and gates surrounding all entrances to the county, but lone rioters are still surfacing.

    Delco was ready for this.

    UPDATE – 10:56P: Rioters seen on Long Lane and Locust. They’re walking around after stealing merchandise in large black trash bags.

    After they busted the windows of Long Lane Pizza and attempted to break into the register.

    UPDATE – 11:28P: Unusual traffic spike throughout Upper Darby

    UPDATE – 11:34P: Wife turns husband in for stealing items. Tells cops to come get the stuff.

    He’s single and headed to jail.

    UPDATE – 11:37P: Business owners are armed and ready for any looters all along West Chester Pike in Upper Darby.

    They have rifles ready.

    UPDATE – 12:07A: People are complaining of traffic in their neighborhoods throughout Upper Darby, likely due to all of the walls consisting of tactical trucks and police from all townships.

    They simply can’t leave Delaware County with stole items.

    UPDATE – 12:56A: Police make another arrest at Wine & Spirits in Upper Darby.

    They continue running in despite a heavy police presence in town.

    UPDATE – 1A: 5 in custody in the area of MacDade Blvd.

    Another 5 bite the dust.

    UPDATE – 1:07A: Looters bypass police, two of them wearing all black on 9th and Ludlow. Police are chasing the guy. Police are also behind a suspicious vehicle sitting with its headlights off in the area.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 1:09A: The car has a dead tag.

    Police are responding.

    UPDATE – 1:15A: 500 block of Snowden Road for reports of shots fired. A female is heard yelling: ‘Jeff, wake up.’

    They’re swarming the area: ‘Wait for additional units.’

    UPDATE – 1:17A: Police are on location.

    They’ve arrived.

    UPDATE – 1:20A: Police are searching the area after reports of shots fired in the area of Snowden Road.

    They are investigating what was heard.

    UPDATE – 1:22A: Police report they hear gunshots in the area of Marshall and Kennel in Upper Darby.

    Officers are telling dispatchers that they have heard gunshots.

    UPDATE – 1:26A: They believe the gunshots came from the city.

    They tell the city to use caution.

    UPDATE – 1:28A: There an individual trying to break into the rear doors of Target. Police are sitting across the way watching them. Backup is coming.

    They’re in trouble.

    UPDATE – 1:29A: There are four people in the car, according to police. They drove down Powell, passing an officer at 50.

    Cops have eyes on the perps.

    UPDATE – 1:30A: The vehicle is going at a high rate of speed down Bishop nearby Holy Cross.

    Cops are onto them.

    UPDATE – 1:30A: It’s believed to be a Nissan Versa.

    They’re flying.

    UPDATE – 1:34A: The two looters were seen again after bypassing cops for the fourth time. They can’t escape the county.

    Police closed all exits due to looting

    UPDATE – 2:00A: Police responding to the 700 block of Church Lane for resorts of shots fired and a commercial burglary.

    The police are in the area.

    UPDATE – 2:05A: The looter was scared off by the business owner who shot the ceiling. All is under control and the looter is in custody it appears.

    The business owner isn’t playing games.

    UPDATE – 2:14A: Upper Darby Police see multiple looters run from Wine & Spirits again, making off with booze. They are on foot.

    Cops are catching them quick

    UPDATE – 2:18A: Upper Darby Police say the men are running towards the UDPD command center.

    Cops are catching them quick

    UPDATE – 2:19A: Police find ten cases of liquor just outside of Wine & Spirits.

    They were waiting to be picked up.

    UPDATE – 2:42A: Police chase a looter on foot to Millbourne. He was captured and is in custody. It appears he is one of the two that slipped in the county.

    The other one is out somewhere but they lost their goods. They’re wanted for breaking windows.

    UPDATE – 2:42A: Police chase a looter on foot to Millbourne. He was captured and is in custody. It appears he is one of the two that slipped in the county.

    The other one is out somewhere but they lost their goods. They’re wanted for breaking windows.

    UPDATE – 2:42A: Police report another looter broke a nearby business window.

    The other one is out somewhere but they lost their goods. They’re wanted for breaking windows.

    UPDATE – 2:53A: Police report shots fired inside or nearby Marshalls in Upper Darby.

    Police responding.

    UPDATE – 2:59A: Police say to disregard shots fired, it was the company putting boards on broken windows.

    All is okay, but they found a drunken woman walking home, police say.

    UPDATE – 4:05A: An elderly man is permitted to bypass police as he is headed to work. Officers say the man is going to the terminal for his morning train ride to work.

    The man hasn’t missed a day of work.

    UPDATE – 4:09A: Police in Upper Darby are looking for a silver Honda CR-V wanted. Police in Havertown spotted it going approximately 50 MPH towards Marple Township. They believe it is heading towards Philadelphia.

    Police are on the lookout.

    UPDATE – 4:23A: Quality Inn being held at gunpoint. Woman on phone with police. They’re on location now. It’s in Tinicum.

    The police were in the area.

    UPDATE – 4:27A: Quality Inn is under control. Police say the perpetrator was gone when they arrived. They are searching for him.

    He was robbing the hotel.

    NIGHT 2

    UPDATE – 7:13P: Police continue to operate their command center. It appears two individuals are at 7-Eleven in Aston. Police are responding after the men put bandanas over their face.

    Dutton Mill 711 two men, one went inside the store one is by the front door. They are both wearing bandanas over their face now. Police are responding. It’s in the area of Dutton Mill Road.

    UPDATE – 7:15P: Police are on scene at 7-Eleven. The men are gone.

    Police arrived but the perps left.

    UPDATE – 7:37P: Police in Ridley Township are responding to reports of an attempted burglary at an AirBNB.

    It’s on the 1300 block of Bullens Lane.

    UPDATE – 7:45P: The two attempted burglars appeared to be juveniles. They were gone when police arrived. Authorities are searching the area.

    Police are searching for the two.

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