Thursday, October 22, 2020
Thursday, October 22, 2020

National Guard Arrives in Delco to Continue Operation to Deter Rioters: Follow Live Updates on Day 2

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DELAWARE County remains completely locked down for out-of-towners, protected by a police-barricade at all Philadelphia points of entry in effort to keep residences and local businesses safe from the ongoing riots in nearby cities, Your Content has learned.

Residents are urged to avoid the area and stay home. As Your Content readers know, there is a mandatory curfew effective 8 p.m. tonight. The curfew extended into Monday.

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“Superintendent Bernhardt wanted to make the residents of Upper Darby Township aware that the National Guard is present in the township,” police said at 9:20 p.m.

“The National Guard will be assisting the police department in safeguarding the 69th corridor. They will assist us with vehicular and pedestrian traffic.”

“There is no need for any resident to be alarmed by their presence. This is strictly to provide relief to our officers and as a preventative measure.”


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UPDATE – 7:13P: Police continue to operate their command center. It appears two individuals are at 7-Eleven in Aston. Police are responding after the men put bandanas over their face.

Police responded to the 7-Eleven on Dutton Mill Road for reports of two men, one went inside the store one is by the front door. They are both wearing bandanas over their face now. Police are responding.

UPDATE – 7:15P: Police are on scene at 7-Eleven. The men are gone.

Police arrived but the perps left.

UPDATE – 7:37P: Police in Ridley Township are responding to reports of an attempted burglary at an AirBNB.

It’s on the 1300 block of Bullens Lane.

UPDATE – 7:45P: The two attempted burglars appeared to be juveniles. They were gone when police arrived. Authorities are searching the area.

Police are searching for the two.

UPDATE – 7:50P: Large disorderly crowd reported in the city of Chester. They’re gathering on 21st and Edgemont. They have one person in custody. Police are requesting assistance.

Police arrested a female rioter.

UPDATE – 7:55P: The group is ‘moving along’ according to police. Additional units are still responding. The crowd is moving up 21st Street.

Police are watching the area.

UPDATE – 8:03P: The large disorderly group has dispersed from the city of Chester. Police continue to have a strong presence countywide.

All is good.

UPDATE – 8:26P: Small groups of few people are reported nearby Upper Darby but no new developments or large crowds reported since the previous update.

All is still good.

UPDATE – 8:30P: On May 31, authorities mobilized a central booking center for all suspected looters, burglars and rioters. The judge on call is working on bail hearings via video.

The prisoners didn’t expect this.

UPDATE – 8:32P: Police in Brookhaven respond to Toby Farms School for reports of two cars and five people shouting by the buses.

It’s in the area of the 200 block of Bridgewater Road.

UPDATE – 8:37P: Police say it’s just kids playing basketball. All is clear.


UPDATE – 8:44P: Police in the city of Chester warn people in the area of 21st and Edgemont if they return they’ll be arrested. This is the second time the individuals surfaced.

Final warning.

UPDATE – 9:09P: 8th Madison and Springfield Road; police say ‘there’s a lot of smoke in the area.’ They’re asking for the fire department as well to investigate the smoke.

Fire department responding.

UPDATE – 9:12P: In regards to the incident at 8th Madison and Springfield Road, police say it’s a car having problems. Fire department is still responding.

Car problems.

UPDATE – 9:14P: Two juveniles are at Aronimink Elementary School ‘looking shady,’ according to a passerby. Police are responding.

People are out. School security was also notified.

UPDATE – 9:18P: Police are on location of Aronimink. The vehicle problem in the area of 8th and Madison was cleared.

Police are at one scene. The other is clear.

UPDATE – 9:19P: Police in Lansdowne are transporting an individual to central booking.

They’re transporting him from their station to central booking for processing.

UPDATE – 9:20P: Aronimink Elementary School is clear. Police say it’s just locals. They’re giving them a ride home.

The officers will drive them home.

* ALERT: UPDATE – 9:30P: National Guard arrives in Delaware County. They have set up base in Upper Darby.

They’re here.

“Superintendent Bernhardt wanted to make the residents of Upper Darby Township aware that the National Guard is present in the township,” UDPD said on social media.

UPDATE – 9:41P: Police in Eddystone are swarming Walmart as an individual posts on Facebook that they’re going inside to loot.

Police responding.

UPDATE – 9:43P: Police arrived. The individuals are driving towards Chester in a red Malibu and an older blue Durango. They’re wearing masks. Police captured one vehicle.

Two cars without registration or license plates are fleeing; one vehicle is stopped by police.

UPDATE – 9:44P: Police caught up to the red Malibu on 9th and Eddystone. There 5 females in the car. City of Chester Police pulled it over.

Now two of three vehicles are caught.

UPDATE – 9:45P: Police at both locations are under control. Police remain at the Walmart with one vehicle and at the intersection of 9th and Eddystone.

Police are under control.

UPDATE – 9:47P: Police caught 4 cars at McDonald’s in Eddystone.

Police are there.

UPDATE – 9:55P: The National Guard is on location of an incident nearby 69th Street. They are under control.

The National Guard is taking charge.

UPDATE – 10P: Police in Sharon Hill are responding to the 400 block of Sharon Road for reports of shots fired. Police say they also heard 5 shots as they were leaving the station.

Police are investigating.

UPDATE – 10:05: Police heard 20 more shots in Sharon Hill. The National Guard is responding there. Soldiers are also at the Springfield Mall.

No looting allowed.

UPDATE – 10:20P: Police in Eddystone found several grounds heading towards Walmart. They’re on location and following. The National Guard is on standby nearby.

Police found groups walking towards Walmart.

UPDATE – 10:45P: Police in Eddystone are responding to more reports of vandals in the area of Chester Pike and Eddystone Avenue.

Police are in the area.

UPDATE – 10:50P: Police in Upper Darby are with an individual from Florida who they found nearby CVS. It’s at the intersection of Lansdowne Avenue and State Road.

They found the two. The National Guard is nearby.

UPDATE – 11:10P: Police in Ridley are at the intersection of Chester Pike and Summit after a brief chase. The car has New York tags and officers recovered a gun. One person is in custody.

UPDATE – 11:12P: Police now have both New Yorkers in custody.

UPDATE – 11:17P: The National Guard was having an altercation in 69th Street. They requested backup. They’re under control but police continue responding

UPDATE – 11:18P: There a reported fire at W 7th Street & Fulton Street in the city of Chester. Police suspect an arson. Criminal Investigation Division is heading down.

UPDATE – 11:26P: Eddystone Police have an individual in custody. He is being transported to central booking.

UPDATE – 11:29P: Police in Upper Darby found a broken window at the Dollar Tree on Market Street. They’re sending additional units.

They’re investigating

UPDATE – 11:40P: Police in Upper Darby responded to the Save-A-Lot for an open door. The caller said the lights were out in the building.

Police are responding.

UPDATE – 11:43P: Police arrive to Save-A-Lot. Several officers are searching the building with the assistance of nearby National Guardsmen.

Police and their backup are on location.

UPDATE – 11:48P: Save-A-Lot is clear, police report.

They’ve searched the building.

UPDATE – 11:48P: Police are looking for a U-Haul that is suspected of looting stores in Ridley Township.

They’ve searched the building.

UPDATE – 11:48P: Police say the U-Haul might’ve been stolen from Philly.

Police are responding.

UPDATE – 12A: Police located the stolen U-Haul wanted by Glenolden Police. The driver is in custody.

He’s being taken to central booking.

UPDATE – 1A: Police in Sharon Hill say an auto body shop on the 1300 block of Chest Pike has been broken into.

Vandals continue to lurk.

UPDATE – 1:02A: Police say it appears an individual forced entry into Sharon Hill Auto Sales.

Police are on location.

UPDATE – 1:07A: Police say Rent-A-Center was also vandalized. They found blood by the window. They believe someone climbed through. It’s nearby the auto body shop.

Second store on the street.

UPDATE – 1:09A: Police in Tinicum are transporting a vandal to central booking.

They have on in their custody.

UPDATE – 1:20A: Police in Upper Darby are advising that all officers be on the lookout for tow trucks possibly being used to rip off doors of the businesses. Upper Chichester had a robbery of a firework store, telling officers to use caution in the event a vandal is carrying them. ‘They have concerns they may be used against officers.’

Police say they are no longer vandals, but burglars.

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