Sunday, March 12, 2023
Sunday, March 12, 2023

    Delco Officials Stand Strong on Day 3 of Massive Police Operation to Deter Rioters, Burglars: Live Updates

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    DELAWARE County is in its third day of lawlessness — authorities continue chasing and capturing out-of-town burglars that slip through police checkpoints mobilized at all Philadelphia points-of-entry, Your Content continues to report.

    Residents in Upper Darby are urged to avoid the area and stay home. As Your Content readers know, there is a mandatory curfew effective 8 p.m. tonight. The curfew extended into Monday.

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    “Superintendent Bernhardt wanted to make the residents of Upper Darby Township aware that the National Guard is present in the township,” police said at 9:20 p.m.

    “The National Guard will be assisting the police department in safeguarding the 69th corridor. They will assist us with vehicular and pedestrian traffic.”

    “There is no need for any resident to be alarmed by their presence. This is strictly to provide relief to our officers and as a preventative measure.”


    UPDATE – 7:42P: Police are chasing men behind Acme and Beatty Lumber & Millwork Company in Upper Darby. A third is at large but two are in custody. There’s also police activity at the Springfield Mall.

    It appears they fled from a stolen vehicle. Meanwhile, Springfield Mall has an alarm ringing. Police are on location.

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    UPDATE – 7:46P: Two of the men are now in custody. One was held at gunpoint briefly as backup neared. It is confirmed they stole a car from Philadelphia before journeying to Delaware County.

    One more at-large but authorities are closing in. No description available.

    NOTE: Due to scheduled maintenance, our servers were offline from 8:35 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET. Coverage will now continue.

    UPDATE – 9:57P: Reports of large crowds nearby Orange Street in Media, according to residents who messaged Your Content. We are working to confirm this.

    Developing now.

    UPDATE – 10:03P: The crowd in Media is confirmed to be ballots being dropped off at the Delaware County Courthouse.

    All is good.

    UPDATE – 11:14P: Any suspicious activity should be reported to your local police — including areas neighboring counties.

    Police are on the lookout.

    UPDATE – 2:07A: Upper Darby Police are searching for two subjects last seen running from Swiss Farms. The suspicious subjects were last seen running down an alleyway nearby Brittany Avenue. Suspects are late teens, early 20s, with masks on.

    Police are looking.

    UPDATE – 2:10A: The individuals were pulling door handles from Sunoco, according to police.

    They’re searching.

    UPDATE – 2:10A: Police are chasing them on foot. They are running towards Bishop on Westbrook. Police are jumping the fence towards Bishop.

    They’re in pursuit.

    UPDATE – 2:11A: Police in Upper Darby are on the 200 block of Bishop Avenue. Police are running through backyards.

    They’re in pursuit.

    UPDATE – 2:12A: The suspects are running back towards Westbrook. All residents remain indoor. The subjects are in the park in a nearby neighborhood.

    Police are zeroing in.

    UPDATE – 2:13A: Police are searching the park by Bishop Avenue and Westbrook in Upper Darby. The suspects are wanted for an apparent attempted burglary at Swiss Farms and Sunoco.

    Police from several townships are scouring the area.

    UPDATE – 2:13A: Police have now called for assistance from all surrounding townships to locate the subjects who are wanted for attempting to force entry into several businesses.

    Now they’ve brought K9s as well.

    UPDATE – 2:29A: Police are swarming the 105 S MacDade Blvd for a burglary in progress. The suspect is climbing through a window. It appears the business is called The Fainting Goat Bar and Restaurant.

    Police nearby.

    UPDATE – 2:30A: Police say to use caution; it’s a possible employee.

    Requesting they slow it down.

    UPDATE – 2:30A: Police confirm the person at The Fainting Goat Bar and Restaurant is an employee. Clearing scene.

    All is good. But police in Upper Darby continue to search for the attempted burglars last seen nearby Swiss Farms.

    UPDATE – 2:37A: Several townships continue searching for the perps wanted for attempted burglaries. Residents should remain indoor and call any suspicious activity to 911. They were last seen on Bishop Avenue.

    It’s getting heated.

    UPDATE – 2:38A: Both perpetrators are on custody. Police found them in an alleyway nearby a park. The Upper Darby attempted burglaries are being transported to central booking.

    The perp claimed he was trying to buy cigars at 2:30 a.m., but he ran off wearing a mask and hid from police. Not a likely scenario.

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