Thursday, February 2, 2023
Thursday, February 2, 2023

    BREAKTHROUGH! FDA Greenlights EndeavorRx for Kids with ADHD, First Prescription Delivered Through a Video Game

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    THE US Food and Drug Administration has approved the first video game that can be prescribed as an ADHD treatment in the United States, Your Content has learned.

    The game is called EndeavorRx, and while it’s not exactly comparable games like Minecraft or Fortnite, it was designed to improve the attention function of kids with ADHD.

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    To be more precise, it was designed for pediatric patients ages 8 to 12 with primarily inattentive or combined-type ADHD.

    The new approach is an innovative step to treat chronic illnesses including behavioral health that utilizes technology and mobile devices to help children manage ADHD without medications or in combination with therapeutic drugs.

    “With EndeavorRx, we’re using technology to help treat a condition in an entirely new way as we directly target neurological function through medicine that feels like entertainment. Families are looking for new ways to help their children with ADHD. With today’s decision by FDA, we’re excited to offer families a first-of-its-kind non-drug treatment option and take an important first step toward our goal to help all people living with cognitive issues.”

    STATEMENT FROM Eddie Martucci, the chief executive officer of EndeavorRx’s developer Akili

    The FDA has given EndeavorRx clearance to be marketed as a gamification, an alternative form of treatment to chemical or RX solutions.

    Before FDA approval, a particular study suggested that one-third of the children “no longer had a measurable attention deficit on at least one measure of objective attention” after a month of using EndeavorRx.

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    Akili says EndeavorRx will be made available to more children and families in the near future. Those who want to be notified via email when it becomes available can sign up for updates on the Get Endeavor website.

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