Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Tuesday, March 14, 2023

    Every Coronavirus Infected Patient Who Dies Has ‘Very Clear’ Evidence of Blood Clots

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    EVERY COVID-19 patient who has died of the disease shows signs of blood clotting, Your Content can reveal after a leading scientist has claimed.

    Professor Graham Cooke, an infectious disease specialist at Imperial College London, has analysed post-mortems of patients who have succumbed to the life-threatening illness.

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    Results showed ‘very clearly’ that all Covid-19 patients had some form of thrombosis, the medical term for a blood clot.

    Blood clots have emerged as one of many surprising complications and has led to the trial of a drug designed to stop blockages in vessels.

    Professor Cooke discussed Imperial’s research at a webinar for the Royal Society of Medicine.

    “We did a very large post mortem series which showed very clearly that every patient we looked at had evidence of thrombosis somewhere,” he said.

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    “Obviously there is an element of chance for each patient for how that plays out.

    “We’ve seen patients who have coronary thrombosis [a blood clot in a heart vessel] and vascular thrombosis [a blood clot in a vein generally].

    “So it does appear to be a very important part of the disease and we see that in terms of activation of the coagulation system.”

    Blood clotting involves a series of steps, the first of which is known as ‘activation’ — which occurs when platelets — blood-clotting cells — change shape from a flat disk to a ball and congregate together to form a plug.

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