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Monday, February 19, 2024
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Sheriff Warns Florida Locals That Lake Killers At-Large ‘Might Go Off On You Too’ If Provoked




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FLORIDIANS are on red alert after a local sheriff warned residents that the murderers behind the Lake Streety massacre ‘have nothing to lose’ with the potential to murder anyone in their path, Your Content can reveal.

Local officials warn residents to cut ties with anyone they have conflicts with in effort to avoid being murdered by the crazed killer or killers behind the lake massacre.

“I do tell you this. Any person or persons that killed 3 people, if you cross them, they have nothing left to lose. So I would cut a wide birth around anybody that you normally have conflicts with at this point in time because this person might go off on you too,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news conference Monday.

“So once again we don’t know what we don’t know all we know is what we do know and what we need to know is who they are.”

Authorities have drafted in resources from around the country to help find the cold-blooded murderer behind the heinous executions of Brandon Rollins, 27, Damion Tillman, 23, and Kevin Springfield, 30.

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As Your Content readers know, at about 10 p.m. on July 17, a father living in a secluded Florida town received a call for help from his son who was fishing at a nearby lake with two friends.

Cyril Rollins, 56, immediately sprung out of bed and rushed to Lake Streety, which police say is about ten minutes from his home and off U.S. 98.

Rollins was still alive when the attackers left and called his father for help.

“This is a horrific scene,” Sheriff Grady Judd, who has worked at the department since 1972, said at a news conference Saturday near Lake Streety where the bodies were found.

“I’ve been to a lot of murder scenes in my life, and this ranks among the worst.”

“One of our victims — Brandon Rollins — was able to call his father and say ‘help.’”

But the father’s nightmare worsened. When he arrived at the gruesome scene, he realized that he forgot his cellphone at home, according to Sheriff Judd.

“He was at this horrific scene in the middle of nowhere with no communications.

“It’s about as far out in the middle of the woods as you can get. It’s a peaceful area. There’s a beautiful lake that three very close friends were coming fishing on Friday night — and all 3 of them are dead.

“They’re murdered. Worse than that, they’re massacred.”

Authorities are scouring the secluded Florida community of Frostproof for clues after the three fishermen were dead on secluded road in Frostproof, Florida.

“It’s evident that a fight ensued when the youngest victim, Damion, arrived at the isolated lake.” an individual close to the investigation told Your Content under the condition of anonymity.

“For the people that fired those shots, turn yourself in now. Every second you are out there; you are only making this worse for yourself.

“The evidence located at the scene and information obtained will enable us to act swiftly and certainly towards bringing justice for these three families.”

What Police Believe Happened That Deadly Night

According to local authorities, the three were to show up in two separate vehicles.

“Tillman, in his red pickup truck, apparently arrived here first,” said the sheriff.

“He was murdered. It appears that while the suspects were in the process of killing Damion when Brandon and Kevin showed up in a white pickup truck. They were shot up. They were ultimately murdered.”

All three victims are from Frostproof.

Police say at about 10:06 p.m. on Friday, July 17, Brandon Rollins called his dad and said ‘help.’

His dad knew Brandon had gone fishing with his two friends, Keven and Damion.

Brandon’s dad drove to Lake Streety Road. When he arrived he found his son Brandon barely alive, and his two friends deceased.

Brandon was able to say a few things to his dad, which we are not releasing at this time.

Brandon’s dad left his home so fast, he forgot his cell phone. He drove to the nearest gas station to call 911.

When first responders arrived, all three men were deceased.

They appear to have been beaten and shot.

According to the families, the three men have been best friends for years and were fishing Friday night.

Police are now seeking the public’s assistance in gathering information to capture the perpetrators behind the heinous ‘massacre.’

If anyone has information about this they are urged to contact PCSO at 863-298-6200. Heartland Crime Stoppers is offering a $30,000 cash reward for information that leads to the arrests of the suspects responsible

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