Friday, December 8, 2023
Friday, December 8, 2023
Friday, December 8, 2023

Karen-in-Chief BANNED from 11,500 Walmart Locations in 27 Countries for Wearing Racist Mask




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WALMART has banned a Minnesota couple from all of their locations after they were captured on film wearing swastika face masks as the woman ranted: “If you vote for Biden, this is what we’re going to have, socialism!”

Walmart informed over 2.2 million associates — 1.5 working in the U.S. at approximately 11,500 stores in regards to the small town situation.

Cellphone footage posted to Facebook by vicar Raphaela Mueller shows the man and a woman wearing bandana masks adorned with giant swastikas while paying for their purchases at the cash register.

In the video, a man who is off camera can be heard telling the couple, “You’re sick. You have an illness, you can’t be American and wear that mask.”

As the man is speaking, the woman flings her arms up into the air in a ‘ta-da!’ gesture, before flashing her middle fingers at the camera.

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“We literally had a war about this,” the off-camera man says, as the swastika-decked woman saunters over.

As the woman mumbles something unintelligible, a second man off-camera says, “My grandfather killed Nazis.”

The woman then paces around, denying the fact that she’s a Nazi, saying instead ‘socialism is going to happen here in America’ and that “If you vote for Biden, this is what we’re going to have, socialism!”

One of the off-camera men brands the mask ‘so incredibly offensive’ as the woman walks away.

Mueller, vicar of a southwest Minnesota parish, wrote in her Facebook post: “I was born and raised in Germany, and I grew up hearing about my great-grandmother who fought in the underground against the first wave of Nazis in the 1930s and 40s.


Mueller wrote on Facebook that the store manager said “he didn’t have the power to keep them out, regardless of what mask they were wearing.”

She also noted that she intended to call the customer service hotline and “work my way as far to the top of the food chain as I can.”

“They won’t (shouldn’t?) allow people without face masks now that their new rule is in effect, offensive masks should be in the same category as no masks,” Mueller added.

After the video clip went viral, Walmart confirmed that the incident occurred at their Marshall store.

Police told KARE that they were called to the Walmart at about noon Saturday because the couple’s masks were creating a disturbance at the location.

Marshall PD then issued the couple – identified only as a 59-year-old man and a 64-year-old woman – with a notice of trespass. The duo then left the store without incident, police said.

Walmart issued a statement about the incident.

“What happened today at our store in Marshall, MN is unacceptable. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable shopping environment for all our customers and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any aspect of our business,” Walmart said in a statement to Your Content.

“We are asking everyone to wear face coverings when they enter our stores for their safety and the safety of others and it’s unfortunate that some individuals have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to create a distressing situation for customers and associates in our store.”

WHAT’S MORE, Walmart also told Your Content that the trespass notices issued to the couple ban them from going to any Walmart for at least a year.

The couple had apparently decided to wear the swastika bandannas as a way to protest the state’s mandatory mask rule, which went into effect Saturday and was issued to help slow the spread of coronavirus, according to the Star Tribune.

Mueller told the newspaper that “It’s been shown that, biologically, trauma passes down through the generations in your DNA.”

She noted that: “My immediate physical reaction was nausea and wanting to cry, so I can’t imagine what that must feel like for other people who lost family members in the Holocaust.”

Although authorities haven’t named the couple, keyboard warriors claim to have identified them.

They “have been known bigot [sic] in the town for awhile now,” one Facebook user wrote. ‘They spray painted ‘build the wall’ on their garage one year. I had to drive to the middleschooleach [sic] day and pass it.”

While the swastika-wearing couple are not facing charges stemming from this incident, they could be arrested ‘if they step foot inside any Walmart locations throughout the universe in the next 365 days.’

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