Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

    Missing Florida Mom Dead in Nebraska from ‘Medical Episode’

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    Missing Florida mom Angela Jolley died Wednesday morning after a medical episode in Nebraska, and Your Content has exclusively learned family members didn’t know of her preexisting medical condition.

    According to police, Angela Jolley died at the hospital after her daughter, 19-year-old Alexis Jolley, called 911 when she found her having the episode.

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    “I didn’t even know she was sick,” said Annie-Rae. “I’m completely in shock and I don’t have words right now.”

    “I’m sorry. I wish I had answers. I just don’t.”

    Desiree Cook, Angela’s half sister, tells Your Content the blood is on the hands of the cops who failed to take their situation serious.

    “This morning investigators learned that 19- year-old Alexis and 46- year-old Angela Jolley decided to drive to Nebraska last week,” a release issued by the St. Petersburg Police Department reads.

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    “Early this morning in Omaha, Angela had a medical episode, was transported to a hospital and died. Alexis was with her mother at the time.

    “She contacted relatives to let them know that her mother is deceased and that she is safe.”

    As Your Content readers know, clueless cops in St. Petersburg are accused of fumbling the missing persons investigation involving a mother and daughter who vanished over the weekend.

    “St. Petersburg Police detectives handling this case have done a horrible job! As each day passes it becomes less likely they will be found,” Mark Rodrigo Grace said.

    “The community can’t help if you don’t ask. So far it’s been family and friends doing all the work! The community should be outraged at how this is being handled; two missing women in our city is a big deal folks!”

    “It’s time we call out the St. Petersburg Police for the sh*t show effort on this case. Two women missing and no press conference, no details and they can’t even give us the right color of the car they were driving.”

    Both of their cell phones were found inside their home. Their family told police this is unusual behavior for them.

    The two were last seen on July 22 at their home on the 4600 block of 38th Avenue North in St. Petersburg at approximately 11:30 p.m.

    Family members say their two dogs – a Poodle, Anu, and a Bison, Alex, are with the two.

    “I worked with Alexis the night she went missing,” said Trinity Davis.

    “I basically was the last person to see her as I was the one to send her home. We talked before she left and she seemed fine.

    “She told me we should meet up Friday or Sunday for a coffee date … That was basically all and I told her bye and I would miss her and she left. I wish I would have never let her leave that night.”

    According to a missing person’s group, the two may be in Angela’s dark blue 2018 Toyota Camry bearing Florida registration Y33-DGE.

    The vehicle has two stickers in the back window, one is a small round “VA” sticker and the other is a Wonder Woman sticker.

    There is a small dent on back drivers side panel above wheel.

    “I don’t think it’s possible that no one has any information. Somebody has to have seen something, heard something. Seen the dogs, seen the car,” Alexis’ sister Desiree Cook told Bay News 9.

    Desiree also spoke to NBC 8, saying: “It’s not like her to just leave, for Alexis to just leave and not say anything to anyone.”

    “She would normally say something if she was going on a trip and post pictures on her Instagram and she was always excited about going places especially with her mom.”

    Family friend Craig Horton told the local publication that he just saw them last weekend.

    “Last communication we had with her was Wednesday cause she was texting my wife, cause we were supposed to keep one of the dogs while they went to Maine. They were supposed to go to Maine on Tuesday,” Horton said.

    “We were there when Lexi was born. We’ve seen her grow up. We’re just family, we did things together,” he added.

    The Tampa Bay Times reports that the missing mother and daughter lived with Angela Jolley’s stepfather.

    He may have heard Angela and Alexis Jolley in the home Thursday morning, Cook said, but he did not see them.

    Angela Jolley has worked at the VA Hospital for over a decade.

    Detectives obtained video of both Angela and Alexis packing their car and two dogs early that morning.

    At 6:52am, 22-minutes after she was supposed to show up at her job, Angela and daughter appear on surveillance video at the GTE Financial Bank located across the street from their home.

    There Angela withdrew money and transferred some to different accounts.

    When Angela did not show up at work, her boss went to her home to check on her but didn’t find her there. Her boss called police and reported her missing.

    Investigators say there was no sign of a struggle or violence in the home.

    Both women’s phones and other electronic devices were found inside the home.

    Through various investigative techniques, police found that the pair passed through Valdosta, Georgia in Interstate 75 that morning.

    Later, their vehicle was spotted in Columbus, Mississippi. Detectives believe the pair stayed in a hotel overnight in Mississippi before.

    Angela’s car was last seen on the morning of July 25 entering Tennessee just south of Memphis, police said.

    Detective Kevin Haemmelmann said that they have every right to travel away from the area without notifying friends and family.

    However, he cannot rule out the possibility of foul play. The search for them will continue until detectives can verify Angela and Alexis are safe.

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