Saturday, October 31, 2020
Saturday, October 31, 2020

President Trump Says Media Supports Rioters That Bought Canned Soup to Throw at Cops

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PRESIDENT Donald Trump says rioters are purchasing canned soup to launch towards police officers in cities across the country and when apprehended, the violent vigilantes claim the soup is for their family.

Those are the claims made by the president moments ago in the White House during an event in the Cabinet Room.

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“In cities all across the situation weve also seen police officers assaulted,” President Trump said. 

The president listed various weapons he said the protesters have used on police molotov cocktails including frozen water that he said was the “size of a football.”

He claimed protesters use “cans of soup” to throw at officers and then claim it’s just “soup from my family” when they are caught. 

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“If it hits you, that’s worse than a brick because it’s got force,” the president said of the soup cans, adding, “It’s the perfect size.”

Trump suggested “the media” supports the protesters including buying their explanations for the soup cans. He said the media responds to violent protests by saying: “Isn’t it wonderful to allow protesting?”

President Trump then answered that question.

“No,” he said.

Trump said his administration has told leaders in cities that they are “willing to help” deal with protesters and crime. He said the leaders will not except.

Trump suggested there were two reasons for this including that they are “embarassed.” He also theorized the leaders fear the protesters.  

“I actually think they’re afraid of these people,” Trump said. 

Trump said his administration has received “tremendous support from the police, the firefighters.” 

The president is currently soliciting comments from the NAPO leadership in the room.

Patrick Lynch of the Police Benevolent Association in New York spoke first.

Lynch said de Blasio is a “progressive” who has had a bad effect on the NYPD. 

“They can charge us criminally … It’s disgraceful … It’s the upside down,” Lynch said.

“Rudy did a great job as mayor,” Trump said, referencing his associate Rudy Giuliani. “I think this is worse than the [former New York City Mayor] David Dinkins era.”

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