Monday, January 30, 2023
Monday, January 30, 2023

    Local Lady Chases Down Garbage Truck, Gets Rear Ended and Clucks Like Manic Chicken

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    A Michigan woman chased down a garbage man and crashed into him before clicking like a manic chicken because he forgot to collect her trash, a video reviewed by Your Content depicts.

    “Let me see you drivers license,” said the outraged woman.

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    “If there’s a 4 can limit — and let me tell this to the universe— and you go to a customers garbage cans and you see FIVE bags, you charge then for one extra.

    “But you got enough common sense to pick the sucker up!

    “This guy ain’t got no common sense!”

    The crazed woman walked away for a brief moment before slowly turning around to pose as a chicken.

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    From there, she started clucking and cowered around.

    “Cluck cluck cluck,” said the lady before tumbling on the ground.

    “You better be scared,” she rambled. “This ain’t nothing yet!”

    The poltroon added: “I want the officer to know that you hit the back of my van and refused to give me your proof of information.

    “Ain’t right. This guys a… Uh. How shall I put it?”

    “A p**sy.”

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