Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Autistic Boy, 3, Banned for Life from Sesame Place for Having Trump Flag, Said to Be ‘Protesting’




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The serenity of Sesame Place was blown to smithereens when simmering political tensions between park security exploded in a savage screamfest between ‘racist’ guards and a mother battling breast cancer alongside her autistic 3-year-old son.

It was far from a pleasant experience for the two, according to Selina Burns, who spoke exclusively to Your Content to reveal that her 3-year-old son was hit with a ‘lifetime ban’ for ‘protesting’ on the way out of the theme park.

Using the amusement park as a backdrop, little Liam posed for a photo as the two neared the exit holding his Trump 2020 handheld flag.

That’s when the toddler’s fun filled day turned into a nightmare.

“Security came out of nowhere. They surrounded us and made a scene over my shirt,” Selina Burns, who lives in suburban Philadelphia, exclusively revealed to Your Content.

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Before the two made it to the exit, guards approached the two and demanded the mother remove her Trump 2020 shirt.

“I was screamed at by onlookers – some shaking fists in my face and others giving me the finger.

“I was asked to take my shirt off in public,” Burns continued. “I said why would I do that – the park is closed, and we are leaving.”

The confrontation took place nearby the Splash Castle inside the Bucks County park which is about 30 minutes outside Philadelphia.

Their nightmare continued to worsen from there. The terrified mom says Sesame Security stalked them through the parking lot and across the street to a nearby mall.

“They followed us out of the park, lurked behind me, stood a foot behind me as they followed us out of the park,” said Selina.

“I looked back at them. And I recorded them. I’m like: ‘This guy’s still following me. Why?’ And he didn’t say anything.”

In effort to lose the Sesame stalkers, the mom journeyed past her vehicle and walked towards a more crowded area.

“I walked past my car, my van, because I’m like: ‘Maybe that’s why he’s following me, to see what van I’m getting into, car to get the license plate.’”

Selina decided to walk across the street to a nearby mall.

“I purposely left the Sesame Place parking lot and walked over to Oxford Valley Mall.

“They had an unmarked person follow me from the parking lot – so at this point there are two people.”

After a brief wait, the mom made a dart back to Sesame’s parking lot once losing the guards to grab their car and leave the area.

But Sesame’s most powerful message was communicated in a scolding letter disguised as an invitation addressed to little Liam.

Documents exclusively obtained by Your Content indicate the boy was mailed a ‘lifetime ban’ notice on Aug. 12.

The letter, that was enclosed in a colorful envelope featuring Elmo waving, claimed the 3-year-old autistic child was ‘protesting’ nearby Splash Castle.

“Security called my 3-year-old autistic son a protester in a letter mailed to him – they said he would be trespassing. They claim to be autism friendly.”

“Please find enclosed a Trespass Warning Form stating that due to your behavior at Sesame Place on Sunday August 2, you are no longer allowed at Sesame Place or on any other SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment property for any reason without written permission from the Sesame Place Security Leader or Sesame Place Senior Leader of Operations.” Sesame Place wrote in the harsh letter, noting the tot will be arrested if he returns.

“Absent such permission, your presence on Sesame Place property or any other SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment property will be considered trespassing and will be addressed as such.”

What’s more, despite deactivating the family’s season passes, hard-nosed corporate money hoarders refuse to issue a refund after the mom phoned Sesame Place and their parent company, SeaWorld.

“They’re not willing to give me my money back. They canceled the passes, and that was it,” Selina told Your Content. “He ended up hanging up when I was asking why it’s okay for any other shirt but a Trump shirt.”

“Part of me got so mad the other day after that phone call, when I found out they weren’t even going to give me my money back, and I’m thinking: ‘This is so crazy that they’re doing this.’

“I almost felt like going up there with the Trump sign and with the flag and a sign that says: ‘Banned from Sesame for Supporting Trump.’

“But I don’t know where their property line is. So part of me is thinking, as much as I want to go stand out in front of there and call them out for it, at the same time, I don’t want to get arrested.”

Prominent Philadelphia defense attorney A. Charles Peruto, Jr. says the ban on the tot was overkill.

“This could be a good thing for Trump – I’m pointing out the haters,” Peruto told Your Content.

“As for banning a 3-year-old, for life, when he won’t remember this at 7, is like killing a mosquito with C4.”

“As for banning a 3-year-old, for life, when he won’t remember this at 7, is like killing a mosquito with C4.”

The mother is in contact with attorneys regarding the sticky Sesame situation.

Your Content reached out to Sesame Place and their parent company, SeaWorld, seeking comment days ago, but we didn’t hear back by the time of publication.

Additional Reporting by: Nik Hatziefstathiou for Your Content

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