Thursday, March 23, 2023
Thursday, March 23, 2023

    Lawyer for Norm Pattis Says Lawsuit Will Reveal New Details in Case of Missing Mom

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    The attorney representing Jennifer Dulos’ father’s estate filed the a lawsuit suit against attorney Norm Pattis demanding that he give the estate the remainder of the $250,000 retainer Dulos paid due to his premature death, and the lawyer representing Pattis’ firm told Your Content the lawsuit will reveal new information surrounding the case of the missing Connecticut mom.

    “I will be representing Pattis and Smith in this matter,” attorney John R. Williams said in a statement, scolding attorney Richard Weinstein for filing the ‘frivolous’ lawsuit.

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    “This is an utterly frivolous and meritless lawsuit which appears to have been brought on behalf of the woman who bears a large measure of responsibility for the tragedy that has enveloped this family.”

    In June, a civil court ruled Dulos’ estate owed nearly $2 million to Gloria Farber, Jennifer Dulos’ mother. Farber sued Dulos to recoup money her husband had loaned him for Dulos’ luxury home building company., according to local reporter Marissa Alter.

    “We not only intend to defend the case vigorously, but after we prevail we will seek compensation from everyone responsible for bringing it. There is much to be said here and we fully intend to say it in the appropriate forum and at the appropriate time.

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    Williams finished by writing: “For now, it is sufficient to say that Attorney Weinstein and his clients are wasting whatever resources the Estate may have, which is not surprising since the true motive for the suit obviously is something other than money.”

    A local described the attorney representing the Farber estate as a ‘street preacher’ known for diving nose deep into limelight.

    “He must sit at his desk all day — like a vampire — Googling every avenue available,” a local revealed, adding Weinstein has “plenty of bark, fewer teeth and no bite.”

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