Thursday, January 19, 2023
Thursday, January 19, 2023

    President Trump Reveals Over 200 Arrests Made, Tells Portland He ‘Can Solve Their Crime in 1 Hour’

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    President Donald Trump announced to the nation the Department of Justice will announce a major arrest of over 200 individuals momentarily, Your Content can reveal.

    What’s more, President Trump revealed he has the capability to solve Portland’s riot situation in under an hour.

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    “We can solve that problem in perhaps one hour. We’ll solve your problem with violence. We’ll solve your problem with crime. We’ll arrest those criminals very rapidly and you’ll be able to have a very peaceful evening in Portland,” President Trump said.

    “The violent rioters share Biden’s talking points and agenda for the nation. Even the strange speech he made in Pittsburgh – he didn’t mention the far left.

    “From what I saw, he didn’t mention the word Antifa.

    “Antifa is a criminal organization – but instead to blame police and law enforcement.

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    “He even talked about those on the right, but not those on the left. Those on the left are the problem, the rioters and Joe Biden have a side.

    “They are both on the side of the radical left. Until that neutralizes you’re never going to have safe areas in those neighborhoods.”

    President Trump said Biden is using Mafioso style talking points.

    “Biden is using mob talking points. The mob will leave you alone if you give them what you want. But it doesn’t work that way. Because they keep on taking taking taking. Then you give and give and give and you lose control of these radical left maniacs.

    “These are rioters. These are dangerous people. These are killers. They don’t even think about it, they wake up the next morning. This is the extreme left’s plan for America. They want to appoint radical judges, prosecutors to set criminals free.

    “No one will be safe. As an example, the Boston Bomber. They want him to have a vote. I don’t think that sells too well.”

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