Thursday, February 2, 2023
Thursday, February 2, 2023

    ‘80 Percent of People in Kenosha Support Kyle’ Locals Declare

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    Nearly ‘80% of people in the city support Kyle Rittenhouse’ as he prepares to stand trial for charges stemming from a violent riot, Your Content has learned.

    The chair of the Kenosha Republican Party said that 80 percent of people support Kyle Rittenhouse — the 17-year-old who shot dead two rioters last weekend with an AR-15 rifle as they tried snatching it from him – and that the other 20 percent are people who “can’t stand the president.”

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    She said the majority of the town’s residents supported Rittenhouse, who opened fire while sitting in the street after he’d been smacked over the head with a skateboard.

    Rittenhouse was among a group of self-styled militia men who had gone to Kenosha to try to protect the city from looters and rioters amid uproar over the shooting of Jacob Blake.

    Decker said Rittenhouse acted in self defense during an interview on Fox & Friends Wednesday.

    “It looks like it was self-defense, and, talking to people around the area, I would say about 80 percent of the people support what Kyle did,” she said, adding the remaining 20 percent of people “are probably the people that can’t stand Donald Trump and can’t stand anything conservative or Republican, so they’re just going to attack anything that resembles that.”

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    Rittenhouse remains in custody in Illinois, his home state. He is next due before a judge for an extradition hearing on September 25.

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