Sunday, April 2, 2023
Sunday, April 2, 2023

    Canadian Health Officials Say NOT to Kiss During Sex, Wear Facemask

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    Have sex, but don’t kiss, Canada’s top doctor declared Wednesday, Your Content can confirm. What’s more, the Chief Health Advisor urges wearing masks while getting intimate and avoiding ‘face-to-face closeness’ with new people.

    In a statement, Dr Theresa Tam, the country’s Chief Public Health Officer said there is little chance of contracting COVID-19 from semen or vaginal fluid.

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    However, sexual activity with new partners does increase the risk of falling ill with the virus, particularly if there is close contact.

    ‘Like other activities during COVID-19 that involve physical closeness, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus,’ Tam said.

    While ‘the lowest risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself alone’ there are steps people can take to stay safe.

    Tam says the most important step is to make sure people have a trusting relationship with their sexual partners.

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    She says risk can be reduced by wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose, avoiding face-to-face closeness and no kissing.

    This is because the virus spreads via respiratory droplets, which can be inhaled or land in the nose and mouth.

    Additionally, the virus can land on skin and personal belongings, which a person can come into contact with and then touch his or her mouth, nose or eyes.

    People should also monitor themselves and their partners for symptoms ahead of any sexual activity and be aware if their partners is at high-risk of catching COVID-10, Tam said.

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