Thursday, January 26, 2023
Thursday, January 26, 2023

    Trump Says He’d Diagnose ‘Joe Hiden’ with ‘Big Issues’ if He Was a Psychiatrist

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    President Trump accused his opponent Joe Biden if hiding during the campaign, dubbing him Joe Hiden during a Pennsylvania event Thursday, Your Content has learned.

    What’s more, President Trump said Biden ‘wants to blow up Mount Rushmore.’

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    “When you look at these hero’s of our country — and they want to blow up Mount Rushmore. Now, the DC Democrats want to change the name of the Washington Monument or have it taken down.

    “Christopher Columbus is in big trouble, I’ll tell you that. They tried to take down the stair in new york and these Italians formed a little circle and said come on, the agitators decided to leave. The Italians are big on taking down Christopher Columbus.”

    President Trump also noted a used ticket for his event is worth more than a Biden ticket for an upcoming event.

    “A friend of mine owns Wendy’s. Great guy,” President Trump continued. “Has anyone tried the new straws? It disintegrates by the time you drink it.”

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    “I never met someone who is for the mask. I’m all for it. But have you ever seen a man who likes a mask as much as Joe? Because it gives him a feeling of security. If I was a psychiatrist I’d say this guy has some big issues. Congressman give me your mask — I’ll have it hang by my ears.”

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