Saturday, November 25, 2023
Saturday, November 25, 2023
Saturday, November 25, 2023

Husband of Disgraced Delco Rep. Davidson to File for Divorce, Lawmaker Flees to Philly




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Disgraced Delaware County State Representative has been left broke and alone after two well-placed insiders confirm her husband of over 20 years has gone his separate ways, Your Content can exclusively reveal.

What’s more, the lawmaker is said to have moved to West Philadelphia, ditching her Lansdowne family home to cozy up with a friend outside of her district as her husband sips on coladas by the beach.

“Robert is said to have filed for separation,” an individual close to the Davidson camp told Your Content. “It’ll he made public soon. Their house is gone.”

The two have been living apart for at-least 60 days now, the insider confirms.

“Getting back to running. Came across the 2 mile line listening to ‘Free Bird’. I will paraphrase the Olympic Creed: In running it is not to win but to take part as in life it is not the triumph but the struggle.” Robert Davidson wrote on Facebook on June 28. “To all those taking part let’s have a good summer.”

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From there, Robert went to play old games to reminisce his happier days.

“Another Sunday sunset sun at Naylors run. I have not played racquetball in 20 years I was pretty good in college.” Robert penned on July 12.

“The metal sounds you heard was the rust being knock off. Took a break to enjoy some nachos & salsa with a Modelo. I do have filtered water with lemon, ginger and mint in the thermos. Life is Good. Listening to a conversation between Davis & Coltrane on ‘Kind of Blue.'”

On July 26, the lone husband cooked his first meal.

“My first attempt at homemade Watermelon Gazpacho! Green pepper, jalapeno pepper, vanilla onion, cilantro, apple cider vinaigrette, tomato, cucumber, olive oil and cayenne pepper just to make things a little more interesting.” Robert said.

Days later he wound up on a lone vacation, sipping colodas on the beach and munching on romantic one-person dinners.

“My happiness hour: Beach Breakfast with a morning ( Strawberry Daiquiri) cocktail,” Robert wrote.

Margo Davidson, a once-rising star in the Democratic Party who served nearly 9 years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is being sued for over $260k for defaulting on her mortgage, Your Content has exclusively learned.

The Delaware County lawmaker abruptly stopped making monthly payments of $1,900 towards her mortgage in July 2014, court documents reveal. The lawsuit names Margo and her husband, Robert Davidson, adding to the politician’s dramatic and sordid fall from grace.

“The fact that authorities can’t locate a lawmaker to serve her with legal papers is incomprehensible and especially worrying,” said the Davidson insider. “I’m told Margo knows the jig is up. Her biggest fear is not being permitted to run for re-election, which is very possible if her house is foreclosed!”

What’s more, the disgraced lawmaker allegedly forced her husband to quit his janitorial duties in 2015 and run for office to help salvage their home, an insider close to the situation previously told Your Content.

“The timing is peculiar because the mortgage payments came to a sudden halt at the same time her husband attempted to run for office as a district judge,” the insider told Your Content. “He lost the election after it surfaced that he wasn’t qualified to be a judge. That’s when Margo decided to run for a higher-paying position in Washington.”

“Robert really had no intention of ever embarking on his own campaign trail. Then, Margo got a good look at their bank accounts and started to freak out, which is why Robert probably ran for office.”

But Davidson shrugging off concerns that she’s hit rock bottom. “She’s isolated herself a lot from people by spending all her time out of town,” a snitch in Davidson’s shrinking circle previously told Your Content. “It must be a pretty lonely life.”

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