Monday, March 20, 2023
Monday, March 20, 2023

    Elderly Man Loses Love of His Life, Puts Sign Up Showcasing Loneliness, Asks for a Friend

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    A 75-year-old widower put a poster in his window asking for friends after the death of his wife from pancreatic cancer that left him feeling ‘cursed’ by loneliness, Your Content can tragically report.

    Tony Williams, 75, often goes for days without speaking to anyone after his wife Jo, also 75, passed away in May.

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    The retired physicist, who lives in Alton, East Hampshire, has no children and said he often sits at home willing the phone to ring ‘but it never does’ – and he said he feels ‘cursed’ by loneliness.

    Without any family nearby, Mr Williams put two adverts in his local newspaper looking for a friend to chat to, but didn’t get any replies.

    So in a bid to find a friend to listen to music with, or sit in the garden alongside, he had business cards made, to hand out when he went to the supermarket or out for a walk.

    He handed out dozens without receiving a call back, so has now put a poster up in his window asking for pals.

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    He said: ‘It’s my last resort. I’ve tried everything to make friends, but it feels like nobody wants to talk to me.

    ‘Not very many people pass my house, but I was hoping it would spread around the community, and someone might reach out.

    ‘Jo was my best friend and we had a lovely life. But now I’m all by myself. My wonderful wife has just died, and I have nobody.

    ‘All I want is for somebody to see the sign and phone me up. I just want a nice conversation so I’m not sat in silence all day long.

    ‘I’m not looking for someone to listen to me cry – I just want a normal person who I can chat to! I can talk to anybody about anything.

    ‘I spend most days just sat in the house in silence, just waiting for the phone to ring * but it never does.’

    Mr Williams met Jo, a legal secretary, in a bar more than 35 years ago, and their marriage was ‘perfect harmony’.

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