Saturday, February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24, 2024

Philly Cop Gives Chilling Details About the Day She Was Shot SEVENTEEN TIMES by A Rapist




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Philadelphia Police Sergeant Sylvia Young was shot over fifteen times in an ambush in a 2016 ambush by a convicted rapist. Four years after the shootout that riveted the nation and garnered international media attention, Your Content has can reveal the heroic officer broke her years-long silence on the four-year anniversary of the attack.

Three civilians were also wounded, including one who was in critical condition.

“It’s been 4 years since I was ambushed in my patrol car. I was parked using the phone, when someone I never met before decided that he was going to take my life.” Sergeant Young wrote on Facebook Wednesday night. The post came exactly four years after Young nearly lost her life. But under the grace of God, she managed to survive seventeen gunshot wounds in all areas of her body.

A note believed to be written Glenn that allegedly contained rambling anti-police rhetoric and named a specific parole officer as a target was recovered near the grizzly scene on Sept. 16, 2016.

Then-Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Richard Ross said Glenn first ambushed Sgt Sylvia Young, 46, late that night just a few blocks from the University of Pennsylvania campus. 

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“He walked up to the drive side window and fired, shooting point blank range into my patrol car,” Young said Wednesday.

“The first shot hit the window and splintered the glass, so I was unable to see what was coming next he shot countless more rounds into my car, striking me 17 times.”

Young, 46 at the time, was shot in the arm, shoulder, and torso by 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn, the gunman who went on a rampage that Friday night that claimed the life of 25-year-old Sarah Silah and left five people wounded, including another police officer.

Glenn first targeted Young, who was wearing a bulletproof vest and patrolling alone near 52nd and Sansom streets.

Glenn shot at Young 18 times and then fled several blocks through West Philadelphia, where he was eventually shot and killed by police officers on the 100 block of South 48th Street, Philadelphia Magazine reported in 2016.

“My body was hit 8 times, my ballistics vest was hit 7 times and my gun hit twice rendering it inoperable, so I wouldn’t have been able to return fire.

“What that monster didn’t know was he was not going to get what he set out for, which was to murder a Police Officer just because I wore a uniform.”

“But God had another plan for me. I was able to get out my patrol and to run to safety where my Brothers and Sisters in blue were waiting.” Young continued.

“He went on to shot six more people another Police Officer ( Edward Miller) a Penn Police officer who came to back me up, and a friend ( Marty Washington) who I had waved to before being shot and four innocent people one of whom did not make it.

“I am back to work Full duty, and he is not here anymore. Who says God is not good,” Young confirmed in her emotional Facebook post Wednesday.

The 19-year veteran was trapped in her vehicle when Glenn fired 18 times at close range with a 9mm Ruger.

Nearby officers saw that Young had been shot and began to chase Glenn, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer

As he fled Glenn fired five rounds into a bar called the Maximum Level Lounge on 51st and Sansom, wounding a security guard.

He then grabbed a woman and ‘used her as a shield’ before shooting her in the leg, according to Ross. 

Glenn ran two blocks before he fired 14 shots into a random white vehicle.

Glenn was then confronted by University of Pennsylvania police officer Ed Miller and two Philadelphia officers. 

They opened fire and killed Glenn.

Miller, a former sergeant who served for 33 years with the Philadelphia Police Department before retiring, was shot in the hand during the ambush. 

The convicted rapist had a number of drug-possession convictions in Philadelphia and was also charged in connection with a gang rape case in November 2009, court records show.

The rape case was withdrawn by prosecutors in December 2011 for reasons that are currently unknown.   

“Right now we have a lot of questions,” Ross said during a 2016 news conference. “This is completely a bizarre situation.”

Ross said that some of Dunn’s letter found at the scene alluded to issues he had with a probation officer and ‘not being particularly fond of the police department’, but revealed most of it focused on himself. 

“A lot of talk in the first person about himself and what he does and doesn’t do, and issues he has with a whole bunch of other things,” Ross said. 

The envelope was entitled ‘Doomed’. 

“I guess he was referring to anyone who was going to be in his path last night,” Ross previously said. 


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