Saturday, January 21, 2023
Saturday, January 21, 2023

    Trump Tells Reporters to SLOW DOWN After Bombarding Him with Breonna Questions, Says He’ll Give Statement

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    President Donald Trump asked reporters to slow their roll moments ago as they started screaming questions in regard to Breonna Taylor’s death, and Your Content can confirm President Trump will release a statement after he reviews the case momentarily.

    “Well, my message is that I love the black community. And I’ve done more for the black community than any other president.” Trump declared Wednesday.

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    This isn’t the first time Trump refused to dive head first into controversy — just last week he held off on mixing politics with the death of RBG.

    “And I say, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln–and I made opportunities zones and with criminal justice reform, with prison reform, with what we’ve done for historically black universities, colleges, schools, what we’ve done–nobody has done more.

    “Abraham Lincoln, let’s give him the nod,” he added. “But beyond that, nobody’s done more. I love the black community”

    About the particulars of the ruling, the president said “I don’t know enough about it. I heard the decision was just made. And we’ve been together here, and so we haven’t discussed it. But after I see what the decision is, I will have a comment on it.”

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