Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

    Chris Watts Asked for Chilling Details About His Family’s Funeral After the Brutal Murders

    Chris Watts asked for in-depth chilling details about the funeral of his murdered wife and children, exclusive video reveals.

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    Chris Watts – notoriously recognized as the most hated ex-father in America – asked for in-depth details about his wife and two daughter’s funeral, bombshell visitation videos obtained exclusively by Your Content reveals.

    Cindy Watts claimed the killer has immense public support and broke down in tears as she said that his youngest daughter, 3-year­-old Celeste, was a spitting image of the coldblooded killer!

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    The stunning expose surfaced after Your Content exclusively obtained explosive audio and video recordings during his first 100 days behind bars.

    “What pictures did you use for the service?” Watts asked his mother during a jail house visit exclusively obtained by Your Content.

    “Oh … Remember when we were at the splash party in Colorado? The one where Cici had turned around and I got a really good close up picture of her and I used that,” 64-year-old Cindy said.

    “The one with Bella at the splash pad where she was wrapped up in a blanket. She looks so peaceful, so solemn.”

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    The conversation spiraled out of control when Cindy claimed 3-year-old Celeste was a spitting image of her father, who brutally murdered her.

    “[She looked so] serious. Just Like you. You were, you were, she was just, she was you,” Cindy cried. “She was you. She was, she was you … and I know it’s so hard for you. I know it’s so hard for you Christopher I can see it in your face, I can see it in your eyes. And you will.”

    “It is [hard],” killer Chris Watts replied. “Trust me.”

    The mother went on to comfort her murderous son, claiming he has an immense amount of support from the public, his family and friends.

    “And you will get through this. Your public defenders have been so wonderful,” said Cindy.

    “They’re amazing people and they have nothing, nothing but great things to say about you. Everybody has everything great to say about you. Do not ever give up. Tell me, tell me, tell me that, promise me this, that, if you ever feel depressed, you’ll write me a letter. Talk to me. That’s all I ever wanted was you and Jamie to communicate. Or you can call me, you can call.”

    “I know,” Watts casually responded. “I will.”

    As Your Content readers exclusively know, Watts was signaled to make up a story on the eve of his plea hearing during a sit-down with his mother at the maximum-security prison.

    Watts confessed to brutally murdering his pregnant wife Shanann, 34, and children Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, in 2018 before crudely disposing of them at an isolated site where he worked was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison plus 84 years in Nov. 2018 for his heinous crimes.

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