Thursday, June 1, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023

    Karen Calls Security for Man Who REFUSED to Waterboard Himself by Drinking Water with His Face Mask

    Karen has made her D.C. debut Saturday at the Marriott Hotel after she noticed a man taking a sip of water without his face mask on.

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    Karen has made her D.C. debut Saturday at the Marriott Hotel after she noticed a man taking a sip of water without his face mask on, Your Content has learned.

    “There’s Karen—she reported us for not wearing masks,” Your Content’s Undercover Correspondent Jonathan Riches says in the video.

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    “We’ll respect the security and the rules but not you,” snapped a second woman. “You can keep walking.”

    Waterboarding is an interrogation technique simulating the experience of drowning, in which a person is strapped, face up, to a board that slopes downward at the head, while large quantities of water are poured over the face into the breathing passages.

    Karen took a step back and hollered: “I’m from Texas baby!”

    “She is bothering me so I want her away from me,” a man politely told the security officer.

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    That’s when Karen fueled the fire, prompting the man to quickly quip: “Hey. If I can’t take a drink, then…”

    Riches adds: “Karen reported us to security for ‘not wearing a mask’ even though he’s drinking.”

    Jeff Hawks of Tampa, Florida told Your Content he felt like he was being asked to ‘waterboard’ himself to take a sip of water.

    “She expected me to be waterboarded in a hotel lobby or stay dehydrated and pass out.” Hawks told Your Content. “I respect the law, rules and the security officer. But I won’t be asked to waterboard myself.”

    “He’s drinking water and Karen reported us to security,” Riches says.

    The visibly annoyed and now thirsty man lashed out: “Dumb b**** get out of here. You have got to stop bothering me. I’m trying to take a drink of water.”

    Karen’s husband, dubbed Ken, chimed in but was quickly shut down.

    “F*** you!” Ken yelled.

    “F*** you mullet-man,” the patron replied.

    “I’m from Texas I grew up with people like that!” Karen said as she lunged toward the thirsty man.

    “Karen, Karen, take it easy it’s not that serious Karen.” Riches said. “It’s not that serious Karen. Have a great day!”

    “Stop harassing us Karen,” the thirsty man said. “I’m just trying to drink my water.”

    “Not here—bring it.” Karen said.

    “Why are you even here?” a bystander asked Karen.

    “He didn’t have his mask on!” she quipped.

    “One of our guys here was drinking water and she complained about him not wearing a mask while he was drinking water at the Marriott,” said riches. “This is what goes on in Washington, D.C.”

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