Friday, November 24, 2023
Friday, November 24, 2023
Friday, November 24, 2023

Cops in Arizona Furious After Cosby DA Acquired VIOLENT Fugitive Prostitute to Testify




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Cops are stunned after a prosecutor accommodated a fugitive prostitute to testify against Bill Cosby.

Police in Arizona are stunned after a Pennsylvania prosecutor accommodated a fugitive prostitute to testify against Bill Cosby in 2018, Your Content has learned.

What’s more, cops jokingly said the woman was ‘the prosecutor’s star prostitute’ referring to star witness.

Chelan Lasha, an accuser who appeared at a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred, claims Cosby assaulted her in 1986 in his Las Vegas hotel room.

How the Fake News Depicted Lasha. (📸: NY Mag)

According to the Inquirer, Lasha changed into a robe, wet her hair and posed for modeling shots when Cosby ‘pinched her nipple and humped her leg.’

Jurors believed the woman to be an honest, hard-working single mother—but documents obtained by Your Content prove to the contrary.

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Lasha is not a single mother—but a fugitive prostitute wanted in at-least two states and outraged cops in Phoenix exclusively told Your Content ‘they had no idea’ she was being made to be a ‘credible witness.’

Chelan Lasha Arrest Photo (📸: FBI/NCIC PHOTO)

“Wait a minute—she testified at a real criminal trial?” asked the officer who answered the phone Wednesday afternoon when Your Content reached out to Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams.

“She had an active felony warrant for her arrest in connection to her second or third prostitution arrest. There is no way a juror took her serious.”

The officer—who asked they not be identified due to the department’s ‘strict’ public relations policy—called the situation ‘alarming.’

“It’s extremely worrisome if prosecutors didn’t tell the jury—it’s obvious they didn’t do the right thing and arrest her.”

Chief Williams leads the largest police agency in the State of Arizona, which is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the fifth most populous city in the country.

“There is no information that would indicate the Phoenix Police Department was aware this individual was traveling to or from Pennsylvania,” Sergeant Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department told Your Content.

“Law enforcement agencies do not routinely conduct warrant checks on individuals traveling on commercial airlines.”

Lasha’s dubious rap sheet includes convictions for false reports, criminal trespassing, possession of a weapon, disorderly conduct and fighting.

Chelan Lasha Arrest Photo (📸: FBI/NCIC PHOTO)

The hooker hopped on the stand at noon on Apr. 11, 2018 to testify against Cosby during the retrial.

And her reckless behavior emerged in the courtroom just minutes after taking the witness stand.

At one point, she groaned so obnoxiously while Judge Steven T. O’Neill addressed an issue with the lawyers that the judge stopped to remind jurors that a witness’ emotions and demeanor should not be considered evidence.

“You remember me, don’t you, Mr. Cosby,” Lasha mumbled as she proceeded to testify.

At one point, Assistant District Attorney Stewart Ryan asked Lasha, “Is this hard for you?”

She wept and said, “Yes it is.”

Her first arrest dates back to 1988 when she was arrested and convicted for theft in Oregon.

Ironically the conviction came just two years after the alleged sexual encounter with Cosby that led Allred to demand the comedian dish out $100 million to her and other accusers at a press conference.

The convicted prostitute was housed with the other witnesses in a luxury hotel just a few miles from the courthouse with all expenses covered by the taxpayers of Montgomery County.

Chelan Lasha enters court and starts crying without tears as she approached nearby camera crews and media personnel. (📸: Press Pool/AP)

Chelan was arrested again in 2007 for false reports and trespassing, where she pled guilty on both counts in Arizona.

Her third arrest came in 2008 where she was charged for assault, disorderly conduct, fighting and trespassing.

That same year, Chelan was charged and convicted for her second-offense of prostitution – and fifth criminal conviction.

In 2014, Chelan faced her sixth encounter with law enforcement after being charged with possession of a weapon in California.

“He wanted to help me go to school and pursue my career,” testified Lasha.

After talking with the teen’s grandmother, and even stopping by the family’s home for dinner, Cosby reportedly arranged for Lasha to meet him at the Las Vegas Hilton during one of his Sin City appearances, Vulture reports.

This was 1986. Lasha was asked to join the legendary comic and TV dad at the famous Elvis Presley Suite. “He said someone was going to help me with my modeling,” recalled Lasha, who worked at the hotel. Cosby told her that he wanted to get some photos of the recent high-school graduate and talk to her about a new role he was introducing on The Cosby Show.

In a never-before-seen photograph obtained by Your Content during the course of the trial, accuser Chelan Lasha is captured doing PCP with her clothes in disarray.

Chelan Lasha does PCP with two men who appear to be smiling as her clothes cling on.

According to the well-placed source, Lasha noticed women lining up to accuse Cosby of sexual assault so she admitted to her friend she ‘did it for the money.’

Your Content will continue to deliver the truth, and not the spin of politicians or those who failed you.

As the world of professional story-tellers spend the next several months trying to explain their embarrassment, while the lamestream media is held to the fire, we proudly declare: Your Content is the people’s paper, and the only publication that power fears.

As Your Content readers know, Cosby is slated to appear before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Dec. 1—and for the first time in the state’s history, Your Content will stream the proceeding livevia our website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Cosby, 83, has spent the past two years in a prison outside of Philadelphia after a jury convicted him in 2018 of three aggravated indecent assault counts—and the court deemed the elderly inmate a ‘sexually violent predator’ for posing an ‘imminent safety risk to women.’

As Your Content readers know, Judge Steven O’Neill assigned himself the privilege of presiding over the Cosby trial.

Cosby has an estimated fortune of $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has made his fortune through numerous endorsements including Jell-O, Coca-Cola and Ford – and dominating TV in the 1980s with The Cosby Show.

Cosby’s syndication deal in 1988 also earned him a fortune. Rights to air The Cosby Show for three years were sold to Fox for $550 million.

The comedian’s rep Andrew Wyatt declined to comment on the situation.

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