Friday, December 8, 2023
Friday, December 8, 2023
Friday, December 8, 2023

Unique Horror Films for Your Weekend Binge




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There are a few things in life better than a good horror movie. And while classics are getting rebooted or turned into an updated sequel, sometimes it can be hard to find new interesting horror films to binge-watch during the weekend.

To help you out with this, we’ve put together a list of unconventional and unique horror films that we know you’ll enjoy. This list includes films that are far from your everyday horror movies. Underrated isn’t a word that we like to throw around but more people should definitely check these movies out.

So whip this list out for your next movie night for some good scares to impress your friends!

Under the Shadow

The Guardian describes this film as a hidden gem, and Under the Shadow is certainly one of the most impressive contributions of Iranian Cinema in the last couple of years. The premise of the film is simple: a missile crashes into an apartment building in Tehran.

While it doesn’t explode, it’s brought a supernatural force with it that haunts the residents of the building.

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Aside from providing quality scares, Under the Shadow is an excellent allegory to the psychological and emotional toll that war exacts on a nation. And while this may sound like an in your face political film, what makes the film so great is the amount of restraint it exercises when talking about such a loaded topic.

The film’s visuals and cinematography are also quite admirable, as it’s truly one of the better-looking horror movies out there today.


While this may seem like your typical zombie movie, Remains has made use of an incredibly niche theme. Set in Reno, Nevada, the glitz and glamor of the casinos juxtapose the death and carnage that befalls all the characters in the film. Remains explores the human psyche by pushing it to its limits via a zombie apocalypse. While the zombies are scary, Remains highlights how human beings can revert to savagery once the curtains have been pulled back.

Despite being a niche theme, the horror genre and the casino industry go well together, and this is something that is being widely explored across different mediums. The collection of online slots featured on Foxy Bingo includes a wide array of horror-themed games such as ‘Blood Moon Wilds’ and ‘Immortal Romance’. These games, like the film, combine established aspects of the casino experience and blend them with horror themes to give a unique angle to a well-established genre.

While Remains is a little dated, it is filled to the brim with good scares and is an interesting take on combining two of the world’s most popular pastimes. If you end up enjoying this movie, you may also want to check out Steve Niles’ comic that the movie is based on.

The Thing

While we wanted to only put relatively new films on this list, we feel like John Carpenter’s The Thing deserves more attention. While games such as Among Us and Distrust have been extremely popular thanks to the betrayal mechanic, 1982’s The Thing pretty much invented the whole impostor trope. The film starts off with an American research team in Antarctica discovering that a neighboring base’s former inhabitants have been murdered and burned.

Thus, begins a tale of suspicion and betrayal as the researchers slowly realize that what happened at the other base may also be happening within theirs.

This film is a sci-fi horror cult classic. The great practical effects and the impeccable production design highlight the film’s overall sense of dread and despair. 

The Thing will have you at the edge of your seats from the first minute to the last.

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