Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Wednesday, May 31, 2023

    Canadian Trucker Says He Witnessed a ‘COVID-19 Checkpoint’ Where Motorists Were Given ‘$230 Fines’

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    A truck driver has made damning allegations that police in Canada have built coronavirus check-points to catch and fine vehicles with two or more motorists from different households, Your Content has learned.

    “COVID checkpoints are a real thing, stopping anyone in a car with two or more people, $230 ticket.” wrote Victor Falch.

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    “What a cash grab eh?”

    However, police in Canada shut the claim down, dubbing it fake news.

    RCMP E Division confirmed to Global News they do not have any record of any fines being issued around this subject and no record of enforcement.

    “Have you heard the rumours circulating that we’re issuing fines for people driving together if they’re not from the same address? False! Surrey RCMP have not issued any such tickets, nor is there a provision or authority to do so,” they said on Twitter.

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    Cpl. Joanie Sidhu, media relations office for Surrey RCMP, told Global News Friday that they have not had direct reports from the public of these instances but they have heard the rumours and that is what made them send the tweet.

    “Our officers are conducting routine road checks, as they normally would, and perhaps during those checks, depending on the circumstances, they may ask individuals if they are from the same household and then provide information and education to those individuals if it is a situation where they should be wearing masks,” she said.

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