Saturday, November 25, 2023
Saturday, November 25, 2023
Saturday, November 25, 2023

DA Says Cosby Gave Lady a Pill That Knocked Her Out for 2 Days, Supreme Court Literally Laughs




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Five members of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court laughed as prosecutors claimed comedian Bill Cosby provided a pill to a woman that resulted in her falling asleep for an astonishing two-days sometime in the 1980’s, Your Content is first to report.

“Counsel—counsel, I apologize for interrupting you, but you keep saying the five women were sexually assaulted,” Justice Kevin M. Dougherty declared during the high-court proceeding held via Zoom.

“It’s my understanding that the last individual—the young woman that was interviewed for a part on The Cosby Show—there’s no allegations of sexual contact.

“It’s that she took a medication, fell asleep and woke up.”

Assistant District Attorney Adrianne Jappe replied: “Yes, Your Honor.”

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“So, share with me—share with me, how can you represent that there was sexual abuse on that person when the record evidence indicates just the opposite?” Justice Kevin Dougherty snapped.

“Lisa Lotte-Lublin did in-fact testify that she has no recollection of being sexually assaulted,” Jappe replied.

“She has no recollection after the defendant gave her a drink, she drank it.”

Jappe added: “Then she basically passed out and was unconscious until she woke up two days later in her apartment.”

“We had Andrea Constand’s testimony, that the defendant provided her intoxicants,” Japped continued, noting Constand claimed Cosby ‘digitally penetrated her’ with his fingers after ‘rendering her’ unconscious with Benadryl.

“If that’s true why’d you need the five witnesses?” declared Saylor.

Simultaneously Justices Baer, Donahue, Dougherty, Todd, and Wecht grinned from ear-to-ear as Jappe quipped.

“The defendant asked her to sit in between his legs on the couch —which she deemed to be odd and inappropriate—he began stroking her hair.” Jappe added.

The comedian described the proceeding as a ‘beautiful presentation’ and praised the seven justices.

“I’m so happy because I hope and truly believe that justice will prevail. Thank you to the PA State Supreme Court for agreeing to hear and review my appeal.” Cosby told Your Content following the Dec. 1 proceeding.

Jappe angered members of the court after instructing them not ‘to consider’ statistics in their decision making, according to an aide of one of the honorable justices.

Your Content exclusively revealed on Oct. 22 that Police in Arizona are stunned after a Pennsylvania prosecutor accommodated a fugitive prostitute to testify against the comedian in 2018.

Cosby, 83, has spent the past two years in a prison outside of Philadelphia after a jury convicted him in 2018 of three aggravated indecent assault counts—and the court deemed the elderly inmate a ‘sexually violent predator’ for posing an ‘imminent safety risk to women.’

As Your Content readers know, Judge Steven O’Neill assigned himself the privilege of presiding over the Cosby trial.

Cosby has an estimated fortune of $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has made his fortune through numerous endorsements including Jell-O, Coca-Cola and Ford – and dominating TV in the 1980s with The Cosby Show.

Cosby’s syndication deal in 1988 also earned him a fortune. Rights to air The Cosby Show for three years were sold to Fox for $550 million.

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