Thursday, June 1, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023

    Receive a Letter from Delaware County Saying Your Ballot Wasn’t Counted? Contact Pa. Voter Alliance

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    The Pennsylvania Voter Alliance is calling on Delaware County residents to reach out to them if you received a letter claiming your ballot has been discarded and ‘not counted,’ Your Content has learned.

    Residents throughout the county received notices in the mail stating their provisional ballot was discarded for various reasons, Bethel Township Committeewoman Leah Hoopes of Pa. Voter Alliance told Your Content.

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    “At the last election, you voted by provisional ballot, and your provisional ballot was NOT counted” a letter from the Delaware County Voter Registration Commission reads.

    Officials cite lack of ‘voter registration’ and ‘incomplete provisional ballot affidavit envelope’ for the basis of two apparent ballot disqualifications—but Hoopes provided Your Content irrefutable evidence indicating that the two individuals who received the notices are registered and eligible to vote.

    “Even if a voter casts a provisional ballot in the wrong precinct—it’s the default policy to count races at the top of the ballot,” Hoopes told Your Content.

    Hoopes says her team has learned several individuals who received the letter—penned by county officials—were in-fact registered voters who have proof of their registration. But they were required to vote provisionally if:

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    a. The Voter Registration Commission deemed the voter requested a mail in ballot—even if they didn’t make such a request; and

    b. They were not in the book or registered to vote.

    The letter goes on to read: “Your request to apply for voter registration or change of your current voter registration information is not effective until your application has been processed and approved by the local Voter Registration Commission (VRC).

    “If approved, the VRC will send you an updated Voter ID Card. If you do not receive a Voter ID Card within 14 days of submitting the application, please contact your Voter Registration Commission.”

    Hoopes also became the center of national attention for testifying at a televised hearing before Pennsylvania lawmakers and top Republican officials on Nov. 25 to review claims of voter fraud and election irregularities in the commonwealth.

    During the proceeding, the Delco native said she served as a poll worker for three straight days as the results came in.

    “What became of concern was the back room, which had no observers, no line of sight or transparency into the process. There was no cooperation, complete resistance from election night to every day after,” she said.

    The Pennsylvania Voter Alliance is asking residents of Delaware County might’ve received a notice disqualifying their ballot to contact Leah Hoopes via email at [email protected].

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