Saturday, December 3, 2022
Saturday, December 3, 2022

    Georgia Recount Monitor Says She Filmed Workers Moving Trump Ballots to Biden Tray

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    A Georgia recount monitor filmed members of the Democratic party stealing President Donald Trump ballots to reissue them to Joe Biden, and Your Content has learned the woman filmed the shady shuffle.

    Consetta Johnson testified Monday she filmed workers moving Trump ballots to Biden tray during Cobb County recount.

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    “I happened to look up and saw the counters at the table directly in front of me putting ballots in the trademark for Trump and then moving them into the Biden tray.” Consetta declared.

    “I started to video the counters as they continue to do the same thing. The counters are putting the ballots from the Trump tray then removing them and putting them into the Biden tray.”

    As Your Content readers know, the Trump Campaign filed a slew of lawsuits across the United States—including one in Georgia—in effort to investigate claims of fraud and wrongdoing.

    The lawsuit comes at the heels of an active investigation into a three-car accident that killed Harrison Deal.

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    Your Content was first to reveal federal agents are looking at ‘all possibilities’ surrounding the 20-year-old’s death.

    Witnesses told investigators they ‘heard an explosion’ seconds before the deadly accident, a well-placed source who spoke under the condition of anonymity as the investigation is ongoing told Your Content. 

    “When any individual this active in politics dies, of course it raises suspicion of foul play,” the well-placed source exclusively revealed to Your Content, noting the investigation has even caught the attention of the White House.

    “This goes as high as the West Wing. The minimal details available to the general public certainly raise suspicion.”

    Allegations of fraud during Georgia’s November elections have placed the state’s special Senate elections under intense scrutiny. 

    If Loeffler and fellow Republican Perdue lose the elections, Democrats may be able to gain control of the U.S. Senate.

    Georgia police told The Post that it will take “some time” to learn what led to the three-car crash that killed the ambitious 20-year-old.

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