Friday, March 31, 2023
Friday, March 31, 2023

    Kylie Jenner and Neighbors Told to ‘Exercise Caution and Great Care’ Nearby Alleged Killer Rebecca Grossman

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    Just when a wealthy woman thought she was off the hook for an accident that took the lives of two boys crossing the street with their parents, the longarm of the law caught up with Rebecca Grossman—ultimately charging the socialite with the fatal hit-and-run, and watchdogs in the elite private California community of Hidden Hills exclusively told Your Content neighborhood newcomers are urged to exercise ‘caution and great care’ when Grossman whizzes by.

    The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced multiple felony charges of murder, vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and hit-and-run driving resulting in death against 57-year-old Grossman on Dec. 31 in connection to the cruel Sept. 29 catastrophe.

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    Prosecutors allege that on Sept. 29, Grossman drove at excessive speeds on Trinfo Canyon Road in Westlake Village, striking and killing Mark, 11, and Jacob Iskander, 8, who were crossing the street that evening in a marked crosswalk with their parents.

    After mercilessly striking the children, Grossman continued driving, eventually stopping about one-quarter mile away from the scene—only when her car engine cutoff.

    “A high-profile homeowner made complaints about a white Benz swerving on at-least two occasions,” says a groundskeeper who serves the gated community, but who requested anonymity for fear of unwittingly challenging Hidden Hills’ unofficial omertà.

    The staffer told Your Content both instances occurred at night, giving Grossman the ‘upper-hand’ to successfully dodge neighborhood patrol officers.

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    “There are six full time patrol officers employed by Hidden Hills—but the white Benz is typically long-gone by the time officers arrive.

    “There are witnesses this time and she will face justice,” said the staffer, claiming, however, that Los Angeles’ top cop “has reservations about putting her in jail.”

    Security personnel employed by Kylie Jenner ‘helped ease’ what two Hidden Hills insiders dubbed ‘Grossman’s drinking problem.’

    The insider revealed the socialite has been inhaling booze like water over the coronavirus quarantine period—but residents saw it as a ‘phase’ she’d overcome.

    Police said one boy was carried 100ft on the hood of the car before the crazed driver braked, at which point he fell off the car and she ran him over again while fleeing the scene. 

    Investigators said street racing may have been involved and claim Grossman is not cooperating with detectives. 

    Mourners were seen on Wednesday dropping off flowers and toys near the crosswalk close to the crash site. 

    Sen Henry Stern wrote in a Facebook post: ‘This is a devastating loss for our community. Two young boys with an entire lifetime ahead of them. Pray for the Iskander family tonight and hold your loved ones close.”

    Grossman is part of the prominent Grossman family and along with her husband Peter, founded the Grossman Burn Foundation.

    The Grossman Burn Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Grossman Burn Centers Inc., which treats burn victims around the world.

    Grossman has accrued numerous honors for her work in human rights, domestic violence prevention and other humanitarian efforts, including the American Heart Assn.’s “Woman of the Year” award in 2007, according to the foundation’s website.

    As Your Content readers know, Grossman resides within spitting distance of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

    Calabasas, home to the never-ending reality show-like dramas of one-time property owners including Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson. But in the last half decade, sleepy, gated Hidden Hills has come to surpass Calabasas in sheer star power, supporting a population of—not just famous people—but arguably the greatest massing of tabloid mainstays anywhere on the planet.

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