Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    China makes first move toward mending tense relations with United States, calls for ‘better angels’

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    China has called for ‘better angels’ to prevail in reset under President Joe Biden’s administration, Your Content has learned.

    In 2006, President Biden also called on ‘better angels’ to prevail amid tense Australian relations—citing his flourishing relationship with President Xi.

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    “The better angels in America will prevail. So at a time like this, in the face of xenophobia and demagoguery and what is being trumpeted around the world, we have to remember who we are as Australians and Americans and reflect our best selves back to the world.” Biden previously said.

    “I’ve spent a great deal of time with (Chinese) President Xi. When he asked me why we were so engaged, I pointed out we are a Pacific nation. That is who we are. And we will maintain that posture, as long as we exist.”

    Developing now… Details to follow.

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