Thursday, March 23, 2023
Thursday, March 23, 2023

    Noncompliant 10 foot alligator takes advantage of police escort, soaks up Florida sun VIP-style

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    Police in Port St. Lucie, Florida, are stunned after closing a major road for an alligator to be relocated—only for the ten foot gator to take advantage of the police’s ability to close the road for a VIP suntan.

    “Wondering why Lyngate Drive was closed?” Port St. Lucie Police Department wrote on Facebook Saturday. “This might be the first time that an Alligator has caused a traffic jam in Port St Lucie. In case you’re wondering our reptilian friend is 10 foot 4 inches.”

    Officers attempt to make verbal contact with the ten-foot alligator, who appears to not understand nor acknowledge the officer’s hand gestures. (📸: Port St. Lucie Police Department)
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    Police added: “Traffic has reopened and our friend has been safely relocated. 🐊”

    The alligator irritated some—but locals appeared enthused about its presence.

    “At least the Alligator is obeying speed limit. For the rest of you slow down.” Justine declared in a Facebook comment on the police’s post. “Not a speedway.”

    Police photograph the alligator after he was relocated to a nearby park or grassy area. (📸: Port St. Lucie Police Department)
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