Thursday, June 1, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023

    Murderous Delco fugitive ‘maneuvered like an NFL running back’ to steal SWAT SUV

    The murderous man ‘maneuvered like an NFL running back’ during the tense situation, a law enforcement source close to the situation said.

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    The murderous man who stole an undercover police vehicle from a suburban Philadelphia SWAT officer before opening fire on cops in two states ‘maneuvered like an NFL running back’ during the tense situation, a law enforcement source close to the multi-state manhunt exclusively told Your Content.

    “The suspect maneuvered like an NFL running back—he hopped in an unmarked vehicle and sped off with lights and sirens,” a law enforcement source involved in the pursuit told Your Content. When asked if the stolen police car was used in the pursuit, the officer provided a vague response.

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    “The stolen vehicle belongs to a police agency from Delaware County—the cop wasn’t there for supper,” said the source. “Nevertheless, the full force of the men and women of law enforcement is behind bringing this perpetrator to justice—and we will. It will be a quick and swift arrest.”

    As Your Content readers know, police from multiple jurisdictions in Pennsylvania and South Jersey are searching for a man who fled from a traffic stop and shot at police after stealing their vehicle and making off with SWAT tactical gear.

    The incident started around 7 p.m. in the small town of Folcroft in Delaware County, Pennsylvania when officers in attempted to pull the man riding a motorcycle over. 

    “There was a man who was not happy because of the bitter-end to a battered relationship where he attempted to kill his girlfriend, and the upcoming legal woes he faced,” a second law enforcement source conveyed to Your Content. “Then, he lashed out on police officers who were doing their job and turned a felony stop into a manhunt where he is considered armed and extremely dangerous.”

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