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Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Delaware County jail remains private, taxpayers foot bill as slum conditions surpass Guantanamo Bay




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Inmates at America’s most notorious prison camp—Guantanamo Bay—are entitled to more luxuries and human rights than those held at Delco's county jail.

Inmates at America’s most notorious prison camp—Guantanamo Bay—are entitled to more luxuries and human rights than those held at a local Delaware County ‘correctional facility,’ and Your Content has exclusively learned the private Pennsylvania prison surpassed the slum conditions surrounding Guantanamo.

According to multiple well-placed sources, inmates at Delaware County’s private jail are barred from bathing, forced to eat in their crammed-cell and sleep on concrete floors—all while being under a 24/7 lock down due to ‘staff shortages.’

The building is owned by Delaware County but managed and operated by The GEO Group, a merciless Florida-based company that claims to specialize in privatized corrections, detention, and mental health treatment. They maintain facilities in North America, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. 

“There’s two to 3 correctional officers during the week and they stay in the bubble,” a well-placed insider at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility told Your Content, who verified their credibility prior to publication. “Inmates’ hygiene is off the charts because they’re literally locked in cells for 48+ hours—they’re in a jail more demanding than Guantanamo.

“For example, prisoners are limited to one shower every 7 to fourteen days at George W. Hill, whereas ‘detainees’ at Guantanamo are granted four showers per week.”

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The information relayed by the tipster checked out—as a copy of the fortified American prison camp was leaked, according to reports, and Your Content obtained a copy available for readers at the bottom of this article.

“Level 1 detainees on an Intel block receive shower and exercise four times per week and each Level 2, 3, and 4 detainees receive shower and exercise two times per week.” Guantanamo’s detainee handbook reads, even guaranteeing detainees to ‘privacy’ during the bath.

“Detainee showers will allow the Muslim male detainee enough privacy to ensure that his genitals and/or area between the naval and knees is not exposed to another individual.”

Exactly four months after the September 11, 2001, attacks, the United States set up a high-security prison in its Guantanamo Bay base.

Since then, “Gitmo” has held up to 780 detainees, prisoners of the so-called “war on terror”. Today 39 remain, according to recent reports.

A second individual—who wished to remain anonymous—told Your Content their spouse recently reported to the county jail to serve a sentence for a DUI—but despite several attempts to receive medical attention and his prescriptions for pre-existing medical conditions, prison officials refuse to treat the man.

“When I go to call, I can get to the nurse’s station then you hear chitchatting then they say we’ll check and we get hung up on,” the second individual told Your Content. “He spent a week in a holding cell, two weeks in intake and two weeks in one pod — and he was moved somewhere else post court.”

Had the local man been shipped to Guantanamo Bay to serve his stint—the camp would’ve processed him faster and in a more comfortable manner, the official prison handbook reads.

Of the 39 detainees remaining at Gitmo, 17 are being held indefinitely with no recommendation for transfer, 10 are eligible for transfer if security conditions are met, 10 have been charged by the US military, and two have been convicted.

Guards at Guantanamo Bay are ordered to “Ensure soldiers working as block observers are using headsets with their radios as not to disrupt the detainee’s sleep,” whereas in Delaware County inmates ‘sleep on the floor’ with ‘no compassion from staff or officials’ who ‘degrade them like dogs.’

“Now they go on lockdown every weekend. They must eat in their cells, there’s mold on the bread. He has a chest cold and stomach bug, but he’s been denied a nurse slip. He sleeps on the floor with three others in the cell.

“But an inmate attacked a guard on Sunday, prompting a second lock down, it’s a literal jungle. There’s no compassion there’s no nothing—I get it their inmates but they’re still people.”

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the apparent attack erupted when Corrections Officer Robert Staton was pushed down a flight of stairs by a prisoner and left “broken and bleeding” until another inmate found him and reported the incident, according to Frank Kwaning, the president of the Delaware County Prison Employees Independent Union.It followed a similar assault last summer.

“They’re fearing for their lives,” Kwaning told the Inquirer. “It is to the point where members are now willing to take action.”

According to the frustrated spouse—prison officials are jabbing her husband with several medications which they refuse to identify.

According to the Inquirer, the union has repeatedly brought these concerns to the GEO Group, a private-prison conglomerate that operates the 1,883-bed jail in Folsom. Their concerns have “fallen on deaf ears,” he said.

“He doesn’t know what medication they’re giving him, he’s asked, and they won’t tell him. I’ve been told by the nurses they would do a med check, but the receptionist is off-the-wall.” the insider told Your Content Tuesday. “She told me they are understaffed and its overpopulated.

“My husband went in with his prescriptions and they told him that they don’t allow that—so they put him on medications that made him suicidal.”

Both GEO Group and Delaware County did not respond to requests for comment when asked by Your Content prior to publication. However, a prison staffer did answer a call from Your Content prior to publication and confirmed the contents of the story and ongoing lock-down situations.

Guantanamo Bay Handbook

Delaware County jail remains private, taxpayers foot bill as conditions surpass Guantanamo Bay by Your Content on Scribd

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