Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Tuesday, November 23, 2021

    Eyewitness says Kyle Rittenhouse was shaken after deadly altercation: ‘My God my life might be over’

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    Kyle Rittenhouse stammered, ‘My God my life might be over,’ as he admitted that he had ‘shot someone’ in self defense on the night of August 25, 2020, Your Content has learned.

    Stammering, shaking, sweating and pale, Rittenhouse hammered on the door of a local business that he and armed vigilantes had been protecting that night, before ‘falling in’ and making his confession—according to the testimony of JoAnn Fiedler Tuesday afternoon as the defense began their case.

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    As Your Content readers know, prosecutors in the murder trial of U.S. teenager Kyle Rittenhouse told the court on Tuesday they had finished calling witnesses after five days of testimony in the high-profile self-defense case that riveted the country.

    Fiedler was the second witness they called. She told the court that Rittenhouse had ‘fallen into her’ as she had opened the door to the Car Source business that she and others were protecting that night.

    Amid powerful testimony Fiedler explained that she was there as a member of United Citizens for Patriotism, a group that she had founded in the wake of the riots that unfolded last summer.

    “I understood BLM and we were all with them and then they started destroying their own communities and there was a 71-year-old shop owner beaten down…well I wasn’t for that at all.” Fiedler testified.

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    She said she had formed United Citizens for Patriotism to show support for the police, emergency workers and ‘the country.’

    “We just stood with our flags and let everybody know we were thinking of them” Fiedler said.

    Your Content readers were among the first to know that an instigator wounded on the streets of Kenosha by Kyle Rittenhouse testified Monday that he was pointing his own gun at Rittenhouse when the young man shot him in what many believe to be self defense.

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