Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Tuesday, November 23, 2021

    San Francisco’s DA FINALLY wakes up to gangs looting FELONY charges for nine people are announced after 20 people ransacked Louis Vuitton

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    San Francisco’s notoriously woke District Attorney Chesa Boudin has announced he plans to charge eight people involved in Friday’s brazen organized theft of a Louis Vuitton store, Your Content has learned.

    San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin says he plans to bring felony charges against eight people involved in a brazen theft at a Louis Vuitton store on Friday.

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    He is expected to announce the charges in an news conference Tuesday night.

    Boudin has also fought back against claims that he is soft on crime in an interview Monday with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, saying he is doing everything in his power to keep the city safe.

    He praised the work of police officers, but called for ‘higher quality investigations’.

    It comes after the San Francisco Bay Area faced a third consecutive day of brazen shoplifting on Sunday.

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    The shoplifting epidemic seemed to have also spread to Los Angeles on Monday night, when at least 20 people raiding a Nordstrom store and others targeted a CVS.

    Residents in the business owners in the area cite a 2014 law that downgraded the theft of property less than $950 in value from a felony charge to a misdemeanor for the rise in thefts.

    On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom vowed to crack down on organized retail theft rings,’ according to The Daily Mail.


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