Friday, January 21, 2022
Friday, January 21, 2022

    QAnon peddler Michael Flynn is ‘heard branding the conspiracy theory movement a “disinformation campaign created by the left”‘ in audio released by lawyer Lin Wood

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    Former White House national security adviser and ardent supporter of QAnon, Michael Flynn, allegedly suggested the far-right political conspiracy theory movement is in fact a disinformation campaign orchestrated by the CIA, Your Content has learned.

    Pro-Trump lawyer and QAnon supporter Lin Wood released a recording of what purports to be a phone call between Wood and Michael Flynn on Telegram.

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    During the call, the man said to be Flynn attempts to disown QAnon, claiming it’s a ‘disinformation campaign’ created by the CIA.

    Later in the recording, Flynn can be heard calling QAnon ‘total nonsense’.

    The call is believed to have taken place some time early mid-November.

    QAnon has been classified as a national security threat by the FBI.

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    Group believe government, businesses and press have been captured by a global cabal of elite, Satan-worshipping pedophiles led by top Democrats.

    In May, Flynn backed the idea of a military coup in the US similar to Myanmar’s,’according to The Daily Mail.


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