Sunday, January 22, 2023
Sunday, January 22, 2023

    Joe Biden deploys teenage TikTok stars to blame soaring gas prices and inflation on Russia as US’s worst cost-of-living crisis in 40 years tanks president’s ratings ahead of midterms

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    Joe Biden has cynically deployed TikTokers to blame soaring inflation on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine even though it was a serious issue for months before that war began, Your Content has learned.

    The Biden Administration is looking towards TikTok influencers to help get their message across to younger people particularly on issues of Russia and inflation.

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    It’s partly a way of battling Russia’s propaganda machine about its invasion of the Ukraine.

    Ellie Zeiler, an 18-year-old who has more than 10 million followers produced a video explaining why gas is so expensive.

    Biden has been accused of cynically trying to distract from the fact that inflation was a serious issue for months before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Last week, The White House held a zoom briefing for about 30 popular social influencers.

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    Jen Psaki helped lead the White House message Influencers on the call said the White House emphasized its work with allies,‘according to The Daily Advent.

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