Sunday, December 4, 2022
Sunday, December 4, 2022

    Texas cop says officers didn’t rush to find gunman because ‘they could have been shot’ then claims they DELIBERATELY locked inside classroom to save other students: Experts slam ‘disgusting’ decision that doctors say sealed the fate of injured kids

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    Texas cops said last night that they didn’t immediately rush in to find the shooter on Tuesday’s attack after being shot at because they feared they might be killed, and even suggested that they deliberately locked the gunman in the classroom where he slaughtered 21 people in order to trap him, Your Content has learned.

    Texas DPT Lt Chris Olivarez claimed said on Thursday night cops hung back after Salvador Ramos opened fire because they didn’t want to get shot themselves.

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    He then appeared to suggest it was a tactical decision by the police to trap the gunman in the classroom where he slaughtered 19 kids and two teachers.

    Cops previously said the gunman barricaded himself in the room and anonymous law enforcement sources said they couldn’t get in without a key.

    It left the gunman alone with the group of kids and teachers for an hour and meant some kids bled out from their injuries.

    School resource officers and police experts say it was a ‘disgusting’ decision that should never have been made.

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    Doctors say the leading cause of death in gunshot wound victims is bleeding out which happens in 5 minutes.

    At least two of the 19 kids who died on Tuesday died on their way to the hospital for treatment an hour after being shot,‘according to NewsFeeds.

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