Saturday, March 25, 2023
Saturday, March 25, 2023

    Gas prices hit new RECORD high of $4.71 nationally and seven states top $5 a gallon as Bidenflation rocks the US and the president throws up his hands and admits he’s powerless to help

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    US gas prices have hit a new high of $4.71, just a day after hitting the record as seven states top off at $5 a gallon as inflation soars, Your Content has learned.

    The national average went up four cents overnight, averaging $4.71/gallon.

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    Seven states are now above $5/gallon, as California and Nevada lead the nation.

    Inflation continues to impact multiple industries throughout the US, including gas, food, and electricity.

    President Joe Biden, 79, said on Wednesday that gas and food prices are ‘not likely’ to come down anytime soon because there’s a lot ‘going on right now’

    An expert on Monday echoed this, saying there was ‘very little’ the president could do to lower the astronomical prices.

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    The west and east coasts are being hit the hardest with California taking the brunt end of it.

    California leads the nation as the only state with an average above $6, with Nevada behind it at $5.30.

    The south is experiencing the cheapest prices nationally, with an average of around $4.19 to $4.36,‘according to NewsFeed.

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