Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023

Beloved Teacher’s Friends Speak Out About Tragic Incident Involving Stabbing and Suicide




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According to close friends of a reading teacher, a devastating event unfolded as her fiancé stabbed her to death before taking his own life, while their baby cried nearby in her crib. The friends claim that Carlos Diaz, 25, was consumed by anger and in a “blind rage” after discovering that his girlfriend, Amanda Hicks, 26, had cheated on him and undergone an abortion, Your Content has learned.

Tragically, authorities now confirm that Diaz fatally stabbed Hicks and then shot himself inside their new apartment in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Responding officers found their 11-month-old daughter unharmed, crying in her crib just a few feet away from the lifeless bodies of her parents. The baby is currently in the care of Diaz’s parents.

Hicks’ friends expressed shock and sorrow upon learning about the horrifying incident, although they acknowledged that there were relationship problems following Hicks’ abortion. Hicks maintained that the child was Diaz’s, but his family had doubts about the baby’s paternity due to Hicks’ admission of an affair.

The friends revealed that Hicks and Diaz, who met three years ago while working at Port St. Lucie School, fell deeply in love and shared a passion for teaching and children. However, their relationship progressed rapidly, with Hicks moving in with Diaz and his parents shortly after they became a couple.

Although Hicks’ friends thought she had found a loving partner in Diaz, they were aware of occasional alcohol-fueled arguments between the couple. They describe Diaz as generally treating Hicks well in public but note his underlying temper.

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Both Diaz and Hicks struggled with substance abuse and had previous encounters with the law. Diaz faced a battery charge in 2020 after an altercation with his brother, which resulted in threats. However, the charge was dropped after his brother clarified that it was a fight that got out of hand. The following year, Diaz pleaded no contest to another battery charge. Hicks, on the other hand, had two DUI charges and was required to wear an ankle monitor at one point.

After the birth of their daughter, Diaz made efforts to address his drug issues and focus on his studies as he pursued a career as a full-time teacher. However, their relationship crumbled when Diaz discovered Hicks’ infidelity. Despite Hicks’ insistence that it was a minor incident, Diaz was furious.

Friends noticed Hicks deleting her social media accounts following the revelation and expressed concern due to Diaz’s history of aggression. However, Hicks assured them they were working through their issues. Unfortunately, the relationship continued to deteriorate, exacerbated by Hicks’ frequent intoxication.

In an attempt to find some solace, the couple moved to a new apartment complex. Neighbors described them as calm and friendly, often doting on their young daughter. Although there were no overt signs of trouble, neighbors did observe intermittent moments of both sociability and reserved behavior from the couple.

It was on the night of May 26 that tensions reached their breaking point. A neighbor reported hearing intense screams, which were initially dismissed as a common occurrence in the area. Later, at 12:47 a.m., another resident’s doorbell camera captured the sound of a gunshot. Due to the heavy rain and thunder that night, the noise was not immediately recognized as a gunshot, and no call was made to the authorities.

Police were only notified the next morning when a family member of Diaz’s expressed concern about his well-being. The principal of Anderson Middle School, where Hicks was a beloved teacher, confirmed her death. Since then, tributes from friends and family have poured in, and Hicks’ brother has launched a fundraiser for her funeral expenses.

Friends and loved ones remember Hicks as an angel who radiated joy and brought happiness to those around,‘according to New York Post.

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